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Florian Ragwitz
Linux::Sysfs::Attribute - sysfs attributes
Linux::Sysfs::Bus - sysfs buses
Linux::Sysfs::Class - sysfs classes
Linux::Sysfs::ClassDevice - sysfs class devices
Linux::Sysfs::Device - sysfs devices
Linux::Sysfs::Driver - sysfs drivers
Linux::Sysfs::Module - sysfs modules
Linux::Sysfs - Perl interface to libsysfs
Changes for version 0.03
    • Generate t/config.pl before the tests.
    • Only test attribute writing if we have the permissions to do so.
    • Added a first version of a proof-of-concept systool in perl and install it.
    • Many POD fixes.
    • Added more tests.
    • Remove -Werror.

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