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Joseph Brenner
List::Filter - named, persistent, shared lists of patterns
List::Filter::Filters::Standard - define standard List::Filter filter methods
List::Filter::Internal - internal methods for parameter qualification, etc.
List::Filter::Library::FileExtensions - filters that select for certain file extensions
List::Filter::Library::FileSystem - filters for unix file listings
List::Filter::Storage - storage handler for filters (e.g. filters)
List::Filter::Storage::CODE - reads in standard libraries of filters from code
List::Filter::Storage::DBI - filter storage via DBI
List::Filter::Storage::MEM - filter storage in memory
List::Filter::Storage::YAML - plugin for filter storage via YAML files
List::Filter::StorageBase - base class for filter storage plugins
List::Filter::Transform - lists of find-and-replace operations
List::Filter::Transform::Internal - common operations used by transform methods
List::Filter::Transform::Library::FileSystem - transforms for working with unix file listings
List::Filter::Transforms::Standard - standard List::Filter transform methods

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