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Jonny Schulz
Log::Handler - Log messages to several outputs.
Log::Handler::Config - The main config loader.
Log::Handler::Levels - All levels for Log::Handler.
Log::Handler::Output - The output builder class.
Log::Handler::Output::DBI - Log messages to a database.
Log::Handler::Output::Email - Log messages as email (via Net::SMTP).
Log::Handler::Output::File - Log messages to a file.
Log::Handler::Output::Forward - Forward messages to routines.
Log::Handler::Output::Screen - Log messages to the screen.
Log::Handler::Output::Sendmail - Log messages with sendmail.
Log::Handler::Output::Socket - Send messages to a socket.
Log::Handler::Pattern - The pattern builder class.
Log::Handler::Plugin::Config::General - Config loader for Config::General.
Log::Handler::Plugin::Config::Properties - Config loader for Config::Properties.
Log::Handler::Plugin::YAML - Config loader for YAML.
Changes for version 0.82
    • Fixed the calls of _raise_error (RT #89989).

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