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David Muir Sharnoff
process_logs - read, manipulate and report on various log files
Log::Parallel - cluster computing framework
Log::Parallel::ApacheCLF - parse apache common log format
Log::Parallel::ConfigCheck - Log processing configuration file validation
Log::Parallel::Durations - parse duration specifications
Log::Parallel::Geo::IP - IP address to country code translation
Log::Parallel::Paths - variable expansion, capture, globs, regex on filenames
Log::Parallel::Raw - raw format reader/writer.
Log::Parallel::Sql - insert a stream of data into an SQL database
Log::Parallel::Sql::Numbers - force values to be numbers
Log::Parallel::Sql::Trim - chop extra long strings to byte limit
Log::Parallel::TSV - Log TSV format reader/writer.
Log::Parallel::Task - execute a log processing job on a remote system
Log::Parallel::ltsv_to_tsv - convert Log TSV files into regular TSV files
Log::Parallel::test_log_configs - run regression tests against log processing steps
Log::Parallel::Metadata in lib/Log/Parallel/Metadata.pm
Log::Parallel::Misc in lib/Log/Parallel/Misc.pm
Log::Parallel::Parsers in lib/Log/Parallel/Parsers.pm
Log::Parallel::Parsers::BaseClass in lib/Log/Parallel/Parsers.pm
Log::Parallel::Writers in lib/Log/Parallel/Writers.pm
Log::Parallel::Writers::BaseClass in lib/Log/Parallel/Writers.pm
Log::Parallel::Writers::LazyOpen in lib/Log/Parallel/Writers.pm

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