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Andreas J. König
Encode::MAB2 - Das Maschinelle Austauschformat fuer Bibliotheken
Encode::MAB2table - Table-driven transformation from MAB2 character set to Unicode
MAB2::Record::Base - Access an MAB2 record
Tie::MAB2::Dualdb - A BerkeleyDB dual db (both Recno and Hash) for MAB2 records
Tie::MAB2::Dualdb::Id - A BerkeleyDB access to the hash side of a dualdb
Tie::MAB2::Dualdb::Recno - A BerkeleyDB access to the array side of a dualdb
Tie::MAB2::Id - Read a raw MAB2 file into a tied hash
Tie::MAB2::Recno - Read a raw MAB2 file in a tied array
Tie::MAB2::RecnoViaId - mediate between Tie::MAB2::Id and ::Recno
MAB2::Record::gkd in lib/MAB2/Record/gkd.pm
MAB2::Record::lokal in lib/MAB2/Record/lokal.pm
MAB2::Record::pnd in lib/MAB2/Record/pnd.pm
MAB2::Record::swd in lib/MAB2/Record/swd.pm
MAB2::Record::titel in lib/MAB2/Record/titel.pm

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