Revision history for Perl extension Piet::Interpreter.

0.01  Mon Oct 29 03:58:29 2001

    Original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options 
    -X Piet::Interpreter 

    Much optimization, reorganization, modularization, documentation, 
    testing, and general cleaning up needs done, but it works, sorta.

0.02  Sun Nov 11 01:18:58 2001
    As much as I love Class::Struct, I'm pulling stuff out into
    methods.  Sigh.  Refactored and remodularized the PVM (Piet
    Virtual Machine), and added basic stepping functionality.
    Added a ton of documentation, and cleaned up the code
    considerably.  I think this may be ready for public consumption -
    consider this the "beta" release. 

0.03  Wed Nov 21 05:11:23 2001

    Added Image::Magick to PREREQ_PM list in Makefile.PL for testing.
    Reformatted the perldoc to avoid making eyes bleed.