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Mark Allen Jensen
REST::Neo4p - Perl object bindings for a Neo4j database
REST::Neo4p::Agent - LWP client interacting with Neo4j
REST::Neo4p::Batch - Mixin for batch processing
REST::Neo4p::Constrain - Create and apply Neo4j app-level constraints
REST::Neo4p::Constraint - Application-level Neo4j Constraints
REST::Neo4p::Constraint::Property - Neo4j Property Constraints
REST::Neo4p::Constraint::Relationship - Neo4j Relationship Constraints
REST::Neo4p::Constraint::RelationshipType - Neo4j Relationship Type Constraints
REST::Neo4p::Entity - Base class for Neo4j entities
REST::Neo4p::Exceptions - Exception::Class objects for REST::Neo4p
REST::Neo4p::Index - Neo4j index object
REST::Neo4p::Node - Neo4j node object
REST::Neo4p::Path - Container for Neo4j path elements
REST::Neo4p::Query - Execute Neo4j Cypher queries
REST::Neo4p::Relationship - Neo4j relationship object
REST::Neo4p::Schema - Label-based indexes and constraints
REST::Neo4p::Constraint::NodeProperty in lib/REST/Neo4p/Constraint/Property.pm
REST::Neo4p::Constraint::RelationshipProperty in lib/REST/Neo4p/Constraint/Property.pm
REST::Neo4p::Simple in lib/REST/Neo4p/Entity.pm
Changes for version 0.2241
    • added exception handling for empty json query response bodies
    • fixed json row parser for transaction json return format

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