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Revision history for Perl extension Radius.

0.22 Wed Nov 07 20:27:00 2012
    - Fix the excessive "types mismatch" warnings on PoD packets

0.21 Mon Oct 29 09:00:00 2012
    - Added support for attribute values for byte and short attribute types

0.20 Tue Nov 09 22:45:59 2010
    - Fixed the bug with the incorrect encoding of Cisco AVPair attributes 

0.19 Tue Nov 02 00:07:00 2010
    - Improved support for CoA (thanks Oleg Gawriloff and Matej Vela)
    - Ability to work with dictionaries in FreeRADIUS format 
    	(thanks to Alexandr Kovalenko and Matej Vela)
    - Support (partial) for WIMAX attributes 

0.18 Sun Oct 05 01:00:00 2010 (this version was not released to CPAN,
	only used for internal testing)
    - Support for a list of multiple RADIUS servers (RADIUS cluster)

0.17 Thu Jan 14 09:20:00 2010
	- Support for RFC3579 - Message-Authenticator

0.16 Mon Dec 14 13:34:00 2009
	- Generate random authenticators
	- Support for CoA request (thanks to Oleg Gawriloff for the patch)
    - Ability to specify the source IP/port for outgoing packets
0.15 Mon Oct 05 12:00:00 2009
	- Bugfixes in error handling

0.14 Mon Aug 17 15:00:00 2009
	- Authen::Radius is now distributed under the Perl Artistic
		License v2.0
	- Support for RADIUS retransmits
	- For the "check_pwd" method plance the local socket's "real"
		IP address into the NAS-IP-Address attribute
		instead of
0.13 Mon Feb 19 22:09:00 2006
	- Packet-of-disconnect support (thanks to Kostas Kalevras for
		the patch)
	- Print hexdump of packets to STDERR (thanks to Kevin Steves)

0.12 Fri Dec 17 19:00:00 2004
    - Include the default set of radius dictionaries with the module,
		so it can be used on the generic system without having to
		install extra components from the RADIUS server.

0.11 Mon Mar 22 22:51:00 2004
	- Fixed incorrect constant definition for ACCESS_REJECT 
		(thanks to Alexey Antipov for the error report)

0.10 Fri Mar 05 21:00:00 2004
	- Authenticator for the accounting requests (Thanks to
		Brian Andrus for the patch provided)
	- Support for password, longer than 16 characters (Thanks to
		Will LaSala and Robert Tuttle for the problem report
		and patches)
	- Include NAS-IP-Address into the check_pwd to avoid error
		"non-RFC packet error" from some of the RADIUS servers (Thanks
		to Jacinta Alice Richardson, Bill Schoolfield and Ed Kubaitis
		for the problem	report and patches)
	- Modify the example in perldoc to avoid confusion with the
		User-Pasword vs Password attribute. (Thanks to Didier
		Conchaudron	for the problem report)
	- Limit the maximum value length for string and avpair attributes

0.09 Thu Jun 19 22:00:00 2003
	- Replaced obsolete MD5 module with the Digest::MD5 (Thanks
		Jonathan Earle for his patch).
	- More careful handling of the return values in check_pwd to
		avoid "Use of uninitialized value" warnings. (Thanks to
		Kelsey Cummings for the notice).

0.08 Sun Mar 24 23:00:00 2003
	- Extra debug message when adding a new attribute

0.07 Thu Feb 06 14:00:00 2003
	- Support for the include command in the dictionaries
	- Support for Digest-Attributes
	- Bugfix for the Password attribute (attribute with id=2 should
		be encrypted only for the undefined [default] vendor)
	- Asked CPAN maintainers to be granted ownership on this module,
		since the original author seem to be unavailable for quite
		long time.
	- Debug possibility (hexdump of the outgoing and incoming packets)

0.06  Tue May 28 13:05:00 2002 (this version was never released to CPAN)
	- Vendor support in the dictionaries
	- Cisco AV pair attribute support

0.05  Thu May 01 12:08:12 1997
	- Bugfix to pad passwords up to nearest multiple of 16 (thanks to
	  "Mark R. Levinson" <>)

0.04  Mon Mar 31 20:04:33 1997
	- changed module name to Authen::Radius
	- added check_pwd() wrapper method (doesn't need a dictionary!) for 
	  quick & easy username+password verification
	- added actual timeout test on the IO recv() call
	- remote socket port now defaults to 1645 if no port is specified and 
	  there is no 'radius' entry in /etc/services
	- added documentation on all interface methods (perldoc Authen::Radius)

0.03  Tue Mar 25 19:51:23 1997
	- added errors

0.02  Mon Mar 24 11:51:23 1997
	- replaced socket() & family with IO::Socket calls
	- made new() method accept a single hash instead of multiple scalars

0.01  Sun Mar 23 23:05:23 1997
	- original version;