*** IMPORTANT on ***

Before you can install RadiusPerl, you'll have to make sure the following
modules are installed first :

	* Digest::MD5 2.20 or higher 
	* IO 1.12 or higher
	* Data::HexDump 0.02 or higher

All of these are available from CPAN.

*** IMPORTANT off ***

To install the Radius Client module for Perl 5, proceed as follows :

1 Unpack the RadiusPerl source archive into a suitable directory with

	gunzip -cf RadiusPerl-x.xx.tar.gz |tar xvf -

2 Go into the newly created directory with

	cd RadiusPerl-x.xx

3 Build the module as usual :

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

Note that for 'make test' to work, you should have a Radius server running
with the IP address & secret of the target machine in its clients file. You
should also know a username & password in order to test if authentication
works OK. Doing a 'make test' will first ask you for each of these.
Also, if you plan to do something more complicated than just verify username &
password - you should have the RADIUS dictionary file available on the
host where you will run you radius client utility, and use load_dictionary
before you will try to send any requests.

See the file 'README' for general notes on RadiusPerl.

Carl Declerck, Andrew Zhilenko