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Marc Chantreux



Changes for version 0.56

  • remove ruins from the Module::Starter era
    • removed deprecated files
    • README becomes README.textile
    • added example from the euler project (see eg/euler)
  • fix all known bugs (some where fixed for long time)
    • merged MetaJSON pull request (fix #86899) (thanks Dolmen)
    • this file (Changes) updated (fix RT#86923) (thanks Dolmen)
  • new features
    • Perlude::Open (open_file)
    • chunksOf (named after http://hackage.haskell.org/package/text-
  • lines rewritten
    • now uses open_file, so much richier prototype
    • no longer relies on &records
      • in the first era of Perlude, it was decided to reuse a lot of Perlude to write Perlude. that's why we used apply {} on records.
      • however, i broken this law for lines because:
      • this part of Perlude is stable for years now
      • lines performance is critical enough to break laws