package GraphViz::ISA::Multi;
use strict;
use GraphViz;

use Carp;

	use Exporter ();
	use vars qw ($VERSION @ISA);
	$VERSION     = 0.02;

sub new
	my ($class, %parameters) = @_;

	my $self = bless ({}, ref ($class) || $class);

	$self->{data} = {};
	$self->{ignore} = $parameters{ignore};
	$self->{changed} = 0;
	return ($self);

sub graph 
    my $self = shift;
    return $self->{g} unless $self->{changed};

    $self->{g} = GraphViz->new();

    ### draw all nodes:
    foreach my $module (sort keys %{$self->{data}}) {
	foreach my $nod (@{$self->{data}->{$module}}) {
	    $self->{g}->add_node($nod) ;

    ### draw the edges
    foreach my $module (sort keys %{$self->{data}}) {
	$self->{g}->add_edge($_, $module) for
    $self->{changed} = 0;

    return $self->{g};

sub add
    my $self = shift;
    my @to_add = @_;

    foreach my $module (@to_add) {
	next if grep /$module/i, @{$self->{ignore}};
	next if $self->{data}->{$module};
	my $filename = $module;
	$filename =~ s!::!/!g;
	$filename .= ".pm";

	my @pkg = ($module);
	eval { 
	    require $filename; 
	    # if we got more packages in a file, find them
	    open my $fg, "<$INC{$filename}" or croak "$!\n";
	    foreach my $line (<$fg>) {
		if ($line =~ /package (.+);/) {
		    push @pkg, $1 unless $1 eq $module;
	    close $fg;
	if ($@) {
	    return undef;

	no strict 'refs';
	foreach my $mod (@pkg) {
	    if (@{$mod . "::ISA"} > 0) {
		$self->{data}->{$mod} = \@{$mod."::ISA"};
		foreach my $ign (@{$self->{ignore}}) {
		    @{$self->{data}->{$mod}} = 
			grep $_ !~ /$ign/, @{$self->{data}->{$mod}};
		$self->add($_) foreach @{$mod."::ISA"};
    $self->{changed} = 1;
    return $self->{data};

    no strict 'vars';
    my $self = shift;
    my $n = $AUTOLOAD;
    $n =~ s/.*:://g;

    return if $n =~ /DESTROY/;

    if ($n =~ /as_/) {
    ### give it down to GraphViz:

1; #this line is important and will help the module return a true value

=head1 NAME

GraphViz::ISA::Multi - Display ISA relations between modules


    use GraphViz::ISA::Multi;

    my $gnew= GraphViz::ISA::Multi->new(ignore => [ 'Exporter' ]);

    $gnew->add("Curses::UI::TextViewer" );
    $gnew->add("Curses::UI::Listbox" );

    print $gnew->as_png();


GraphViz::ISA::Multi visualizes the ISA relations between multiple 
modules. It is a addition to GraphViz::ISA, which can only show
the ISA tree of one module.

=head1 USAGE

=over 4 

=item new( ignore => ARRAYREF )

    Creates a new GraphViz::ISA::Multi object. Takes as an 
    additional parameter the 'ignore' => [ 'Module' ] list,
    which tells the object to not display certain modules
    in the graphic.


    Adds packages to the graphic. Takes a list of module names
    and returns the data structure used to display the graphic
    on success. On error it returns a false value (undef).

=item graph( )

    Used to create the actual GraphViz object and graphic. You
    usually don't call this directly as it is called when you
    call one of the as_* methods. You can override if it you
    subclass the class.
    It returns the GraphViz object on success.

=item as_png( )

    See GraphViz() for more details.


=head1 AUTHOR

	Marcus Thiesen


This program is free software; you can redistribute
it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the
LICENSE file included with this module.

=head1 SEE ALSO