CHANGES      -- Change history
README       -- Main information file
MANIFEST     -- This shipping list
Makefile.PL  -- Perl Makefile template
META.yml     -- Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)

lib/Pod/   -- The Pod::Checker module source

scripts/podchecker.PL -- Script to check syntax of pods in a file

t/pod/      -- module used to compare output against expected results
t/pod/     -- module used to test Pod::Checker for a given file
t/pod/podchklink.t    -- internal hyperlink checks
t/pod/poderrs.t       -- test input file for checking some POD errors
t/pod/poderrs.xr      -- expected result from processing poderrs.t
t/pod/selfcheck.t     -- run our own POD through podchecker
t/pod/contains_bad_pod.xr -- expected results
t/pod/podchkenc.t     -- validate =encoding support
t/pod/podchkenc.xr    -- expected results for the above
t/pod/empty.xr        -- expected results (the empty file)
t/pod/podname.t       -- to cover the name() method and other corner cases
META.json                                Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)