Marek Rouchal

Changes for version 0.20

  • CPAN#4651 breaking circular references
  • CPAN#4652 L<http://foo> unsupported (contrary to pod)
    • fixed handling of L<http://url>
    • fixed Pod::link as_text/as_pod
    • added t/02link.t
    • suppress complaint about // in URL nodes
  • CPAN#4735 L<crontab(5)/"DESCRIPTION"> should be of type man
  • CPAN#4736 in Pod::objects L<Pod::doc::collection> should be L<"Pod::doc::collection">
  • CPAN#4870 missing case insensitive flag(i) for
    • nonstandard: alttext and url
  • CPAN#4871 Pod::link needs more unofficial url types
  • Credits go to for submitting all of them and providing patches.
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  • podlint - beautify the POD within a file