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Changes for version 1.505

    • Delete $self->{input_data} inside the worker immediately during spawning (if input_data is an ARRAY, GLOB, or Iterator reference).
    • Reverted the logic for the RS (record separator) option from the 1.4x code base. This is now working as expected.
    • Specifying chunk_size => 'auto' via the 'init' method (all 5 models) causes MCE validation to croak due to 'auto' being carried over to the core API. Note that only the 5 models are allowed 'auto' for chunk_size as of this time.
    • Update to the MCE->do method. Previously, an undef sent back from the callback function ended up as a blank value "". Both "" and undef are now properly captured and sent back to the worker process.
    • Added an if statement inside the abort method.
    • Removed an old unlink _store.db statement (old code left behind).
    • Removed an unused _next variable inside Request.pm.
    • Enhanced egrep.pl to handle additional options including recursion. This script now supports many egrep options [ceHhiLlmnqRrsv].
    • IO performance for examples/cat.pl was improved. The real focus here is demonstrating output order.
    • The chunk_size option can take a suffix; K (Kilobytes) or M (Megabytes).
    • The following examples except --max-workers=NUM --chunk-size=NUM options. cat.pl, egrep.pl, findnull.pl, scaling_pings.pl, and wc.pl
    • The input_data option can now receive an iterator reference. Added a new example iterator.pl for demonstraton. In addition, there are several examples listed under a new section "SYNTAX for INPUT_DATA" under MCE::Core.pod.
    • Added a new demo script; bin/mce_grep. This is a wrapper script for the grep binary. This script supports agrep, grep, egrep, fgrep, & tre-agrep. Simply create a link to mce_grep or make a copy. Both Windows and Cygwin are supported as well. Recursion works for all binaries including agrep (-R, -r options).
      • ln mce_grep mce_agrep ln mce_grep mce_egrep ln mce_grep mce_fgrep ln mce_grep mce_tre-agrep
      • Try with the --lang=C option for faster execution time (-i runs faster). Try mce_agrep or mce_tre-agrep against very large files. The speedup is linear and makes good utilization of all available cores on the box.
      • One may specify the chunking level via the --chunk-level option. For large files, specify 'file' (chunks file). For many small files, use 'list'.
      • I have tested against the following GnuWin32 packages found at this URL. http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages.html
        • tre-0.7.5-bin.zip ## Contains agrep.exe (also runs under Cygwin) grep-2.5.4-bin.zip ## Contains egrep.exe, fgrep.exe, grep.exe libiconv-1.9.2-1-bin.zip ## These are required for the GnuWin32 binaries. libintl-0.14.4-bin.zip pcre-7.0-bin.zip regex-2.7-bin.zip
      • Btw, bin/mce_grep is optional and therefore not installed by default when running make install for the MCE module. Simply copy mce_grep as mce_agrep.pl for Windows. The .pl is optional for other environments.


Documentation describing the core API for Many-core Engine
A list of examples demonstrating Many-core Engine


Many-core Engine for Perl. Provides parallel processing capabilities.
Parallel flow model for building creative applications
Parallel grep model similar to the native grep function
Parallel loop model for building creative loops
Parallel map model similar to the native map function
Hybrid queues (normal including priority) for Many-core Engine
Temporary directory creation/cleanup & signal handling
Parallel stream model for chaining multiple maps and greps
Exports functions mapped directly to MCE methods
Public and private utility functions for Many-core Engine


in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Generator.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Handle.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Iterator.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Request.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Input/Sequence.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Manager.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Validation.pm
in lib/MCE/Core/Worker.pm