Changes for version 1.522

    • Applied fix to MCE->shutdown so that MCE Models do not err when receiving signal to terminate.
    • Optimization for MCE->print, MCE->printf, MCE->say and MCE->sendto. This was calling fileno unnecessarily. MCE->print('STDERR', ...) is not supported. Do this instead; MCE->print(\*STDERR, ...)
    • Inserts the actual lib-path at the head of @INC in example files.
    • Massive documentation updates throughout the entire distribution.
    • Renamed to; to
    • Updated requires in META.yml, Makefile.PL and perl-MCE.spec.
    • Updated comment in MCE::Queue test scripts.
    • Updated the README file.
    • Added sampledb examples demonstrating DBI and SQLite with MCE.
    • Added to examples.


Documentation describing the Core API for Many-Core Engine
A list of examples demonstrating Many-Core Engine


Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities
Parallel flow model for building creative applications
Parallel grep model similar to the native grep function
Parallel loop model for building creative loops
Parallel map model similar to the native map function
Hybrid (normal and priority) queues for Many-Core Engine
Temporary directory creation/cleanup and signal handling
Parallel step model for building creative steps
Parallel stream model for chaining multiple maps and greps
Exports functions mapped directly to MCE methods
Utility functions for Many-Core Engine


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