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Changes for version 1.867

  • Bug fix for UTF-8 issues during inter-process communication. This update required undoing optimizations specific to scalar args. Essentially, IPC involves serialization for everything going forward. Install Sereal::Encoder and Sereal::Decoder for better performance.
  • Improved MCE::Hobo with threads-like detach capability. See POD. Resolved MCE::Hobo stalling MCE::Shared::Server during global cleanup.
  • Improved IPC in MCE::Shared::Queue with permanent fast-like dequeue including dequeue_nb. Going forward, the fast and barrier options are silently ignored if specified (i.e. no-op).
  • Improved IPC performance on Linux.


A threads-like parallelization module
MCE extension for sharing data supporting threads and processes
Array helper class
Base package for helper classes
A hybrid LRU-plain cache helper class
Condvar helper class
Handle helper class
Hash helper class
A pure-Perl in-memory data store
An ordered hash class featuring tombstone deletion
Hybrid-queue helper class
Scalar helper class
Sequence helper class
Server/Object packages for MCE::Shared