Changes for version 1.00 - 2012-04-03

  • Details:
    • t/*event*.t: skip if DBD_FIREBIRD_TEST_SKIP_EVENTS is in the environment
    • preliminary ISQL-like tool using DBD::Firebird
    • implement the ParamValues statement attribute
    • avoid unused return value warning when calling DBIh_EVENT2
    • support Microsoft's compiler and other win32 fixes
    • add Cygwin support
    • add default FB location on OSX to Makefile.PL
    • test for RT#72946 (->do segfault with active sth)
    • Merge pull request #29 from rkitover/master
    • check_and_set_cached_config: fix when test database is in ./
    • Makefile.PL: report '(none)' when some of the firebird directories aren't found
    • Makefile.PL: avoid adding -I"" to compiler command (closes #31)
    • #74517: Adding support for Visual Studio 2010 (10.0) and VS 11.0


DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server
A base class for lowest-common denominator Interbase table_info() querying.


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in lib/DBD/Firebird/
in lib/DBD/Firebird/TableInfo/
in lib/DBD/Firebird/


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