Revision history for Apache2::Pod

0.27    Tue Mar 17 11:11:11 PST 2009
        [Non-Maintainer Upload]
        * CPAN:MARKLE

        * My::Pod::Simple::HTML was already indexed by PETDANCE
          which is why the tests were failing.  Does anyone know
          why this is needed?

0.26    Tue Mar 17 11:11:11 PST 2009
        [Non-Maintainer Upload]
        * CPAN:MARKLE

        * requires URI::Escape; omits require of non-existent module 
          in tests.

0.25    Thu Jan 30 12:52:00 PST 2009
        [Non-Maintainer Upload] 
        * CPAN:MARKLE is (temporarily? permanently?)
          granted co-maintainer status by PAUSE admin
          brian d foy.

        * removed calls to send_http_headers which require
          use of Apache2::compat, which is undocumented.
          Fixes RT 31102, 39419.  Thanks Phillip Cole.

0.24    Thu Jan  4 14:22:09 PST 2007
		* added /f/keyword feature so functions can be looked up.

		* built Apache2::Pod package from Apache::Pod package. Thanks Andy
		Lester for the help.  I will be taking over the Apache2 release of
		this module from Andy Lester per his suggestion.

0.22    Fri Sep 16 22:46:06 CDT 2005
        * Added LINKBASE configuration variable to define base of the
          URLs created by L<> links.  Thanks Pete Krawczyk.

        * URI-encodes the links in Apache::Pod::HTML.  Thanks to Chris

0.20    Sat Sep 10 13:57:11 CDT 2005
        * Added INDEX and GZIP options.  Thanks to Kjetil Skotheim.

        * Uses C<< $r->print >> instead of bare C<print> to generate
          output.  This is more portable.  Thanks to Kate Yoak.
        * Added a dependency on Apache::Constants.

0.10    May 10, 2004
        * Pod links link to the filename.  Thereform, L<foo.pod> links
        to foo.pod, instead of "TODO".  This is only until Sean does
        his magic in Pod::Simple::HTML so this fudgery isn't needed.

        * Handlers now properly return OK.

        * Now overriding Pod::Simple::HTML.
        * Added pod.t and pod-coverage.t
        * Changed the handling of the CSS as a __DATA__ section.

0.03    September 9, 2003
        * Added stylesheet handling, including replicating the
 stylesheet as a default.  Thanks very much to
          Grant McLean for the patch.

0.02    September 29, 2002
        * Seems to find modules correctly, a la perldoc.

0.01    September 26, 2002
        * First version