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Revision history for Convert-Cisco

0.01    2007-01-04
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    2007-01-05
        Updated the perldoc. Warn users that the XML format is
        subject to change.

0.03    2007-01-06
        XML format has changed to make it more generic
        Refactored the to_xml method allowing it to function when Call
        records are not properly configured.

0.04    2007-01-07
        Minor changes to XML format. Added the ability to format datetime
        fields in the output XML

0.05    2007-01-16
	Now converts compound timepoint fields containing milliseconds

0.06	2007-02-09
	Updated Build.PL file with module dependencies.
	Replaced YAML::Syck with YAML module. Problems with Linux installation.