Revision history for Perl extension MIME::Types.

Unless explicitly stated differently are all changes produced by
Mark Overmeer <>

**** Inform Austin Ziegler <> at each release, to
**** update his Ruby port of the module.

version 1.13: Sat Apr 24 00:15:09 CEST 2004

	- [Ville Skyttä] and [Austing Ziegler] updated the type list to
	  IANA registry dated 2004-04-09.  Many changes to clean-up the
	  list, trying to find a good balance between IANA's rules and
	  common practice.

version 1.12: Wed Jan 21 10:09:43 CET 2004

	- [Ville Skyttä] requested removal of application/excel, because
	  it is not IANA registered.  Applied.

	- Documented that alternative types for a certain extension will
	  be used at random in mimeTypeOf()

	- Documentation fix: only_complete returns all types with defined
	  extensions. Transfer-encoding is optional.

version 1.11: Tue Jan 13 10:36:41 CET 2004

	- [Ville Skyttä] contributed a large set of new mime-types, and
	  applied some fixes. New IANA names are now all included.

version 1.10: Wed Dec 17 12:47:00 CET 2003

	- [Miha Lampret] and [Jean-Marc Delafont] bumped into __DATA__
	  conflict between MIME::Types table and mod_perl.

version 1.09: Wed Nov  5 10:51:52 CET 2003

	- Translated tests to use Test::More

	- tests failed for detection '.doc', because OS-detection
	  failed, which (with 5.8.1 random hash order) made VMS'es
	  version of doc (plain/text) prevail in some situations.

version 1.08: Mon Nov  3 17:44:57 CET 2003

	- [Tuomas Salo] removed warning on "undef".

	- .txt extension preferred over .asc for plain text

version 1.07: Mon Jul 28 18:38:59 CEST 2003

	- Translated documentation to newest version of OODoc

	- Moved modules to lib/*, which removes the need for a nested

version 1.06: Thu May  1 18:45:55 CEST 2003

	- [NN Poster] updated the attributes for the PGP types.

	- Converted documentation to be generated with OODoc.

version 1.005: Tue Dec 24 13:01:00 CET 2002

	- [Guangzu Wang] pointed to typos in the Synopsis of both packages:
	  $mimetype   -->  $mimetypes

	- [Ville Skyttä] some doc patches and many tweaks and additions
	  to the type list.

	- [Ville Skyttä] fixed bug, where the third column was taken as
	  second if that one was empty.

version 1.004: Tue Oct 22 19:22:43 CEST 2002

	- [Dan Puro] sent a reference to a list stored at  Most differences
	  are added, but some where competing... and I won.

version 1.003: Wed Oct  2 09:42:58 CEST 2002

	- [Darell Fuhriman] added application/x-rar-compressed and

	- [Vladimir V. Kolpakov] set $/ = "\n" on parsing data from
	  inside file, which was written on UNIX and used in Windows.

	- [Dan Puro] added application/wordperfect5.1 extension wpd.

	- [Petri Riihikallio] added .xlt for Excel and .pps/.pot
	  for PowerPoint.

version 1.002: Mon Aug 12 11:40:55 CEST 2002

	- [Jan Kratochvil] added audio/amr and audio/amr-wb to the
	  set of known datatypes.  Types defined by rfc3267

version 1.001: Tue Jun 18 13:39:56 CEST 2002

	- Brown paper-bag release.  Accidentally, code was installing
	  itself as MIME::MIME::Types

version 1.00: Tue Jun 18 13:27:16 CEST 2002

	- No real changes for some time now, so released a stable with
	  version of 1.00

	- Doc typo:  MIME::Types->extension must be MIME::Types->mimeTypeOf

	- Overloaded comparison of $mimetype with string now works.  Before,
	  only two objects could be compared.

version 0.16: Tue Feb 19 12:08:51 CET 2002

	- MIME::Type->simplified('text') will return 'text/plain'

	- MIME::Types->type($mime) will return undef for illegal $mime

version 0.15: Wed Jan 23 21:22:26 CET 2002

	- [Dirk Lutsebaeck] contributed a few mime-types.  I am open
	  to receive more improvements.

	- Refrased the reason for removal of import_mime_types, a
	  residual of the pre-0.10 version of this module.

	- Changed MIME::Type::mainType() into MIME::Type::mediaType() to
          follow the terminology of the RFC more closely.  The old name
	  is still usable.

	- Added MIME::Types::addType

	- Added overloading stringify and comparison to MIME::Type objects.
	  some tests in t/11typeol.t

version 0.14:  Sat Dec  1 13:56:51 CET 2001
        - Did a bad job (it's hard to support backwards compat if you run
          5.6)  Thanks to [Tatsuhiko Miyagawa]

version 0.13:  Sat Dec  1 01:53:20 CET 2001
	- [Slaven Radic] back-port to 5.005

version 0.12:  Wed Nov 28 09:39:44 CET 2001
	Mark Overmeer took the namespace over from Jeff Okamoto
	- In scalar context MIME::Types::type will return only the
	  first type that fits.

version 0.10:  Sat Nov  3 22:46:22 2001
	Mark Overmeer
	- Total redesign of the interface, object oriented with two
	  classes: the MIME::Types and the MIME::Type.
	- No seperate mime.types file anymore, but included inside
	  MIME::Types, such that installation is much easier.
	- Merged-in apache's mime types 1.3.14
	- New test files.
	- Modernized into t/30export.t

version 0.06:  Fri Jun 22 15:18:28 PDT 2001
	- Repackage.

version 0.05:  Fri Jun 15 15:10:08 PDT 2001
	- Added changes to import_mime_types by Antonios Christofides

version 0.04:  Thu Apr 19 15:37:23 PDT 2001
	- Added new function import_mime_types by Mike Cramer
	  ( to read an Apache-style mime.types file.

version 0.03:  Fri Feb 23 10:32:44 2001
	- Many changes by David Wheeler ( including:
	- substituting some regexp's with faster string calls
	- simplifying the mapping table startup code
	- allowing the returning of array references instead of lists

version 0.02:  Sat Nov  6 00:00:00 1999
	- Fix a few bad suffix mappings and add a bit of robustness

version 0.01:  Tue Oct  5 14:00:18 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18