# Copyrights 2001-2021 by [Mark Overmeer <markov@cpan.org>].
#  For other contributors see ChangeLog.
# See the manual pages for details on the licensing terms.
# Pod stripped from pm file by OODoc 2.02.
# This code is part of distribution Mail-Message.  Meta-POD processed with
# OODoc into POD and HTML manual-pages.  See README.md
# Copyright Mark Overmeer.  Licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

package Mail::Message::Test;
use vars '$VERSION';
$VERSION = '3.011';

use base 'Exporter';

use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Copy 'copy';
use List::Util 'first';
use IO::File;            # to overrule open()
use File::Spec;
use Cwd qw(getcwd);
use Sys::Hostname qw(hostname);
use Test::More;

our @EXPORT =
  qw/compare_message_prints reproducable_text

our $crlf_platform = $^O =~ m/mswin32/i;

# Compare the text of two messages, rather strict.
# On CRLF platforms, the Content-Length may be different.

sub compare_message_prints($$$)
{   my ($first, $second, $label) = @_;

    {   $first  =~ s/Content-Length: (\d+)/Content-Length: <removed>/g;
        $second =~ s/Content-Length: (\d+)/Content-Length: <removed>/g;

    is($first, $second, $label);

# Strip message text down the things which are the same on all
# platforms and all situations.

sub reproducable_text($)
{   my $text  = shift;
    my @lines = split /^/m, $text;
    foreach (@lines)
    {   s/((?:references|message-id|date|content-length)\: ).*/$1<removed>/i;
    join '', @lines;

# A piece of HTML text which is used in some tests.

our $raw_html_data = <<'TEXT';
<TITLE>My home page</TITLE>

<H1>Life according to Brian</H1>

This is normal text, but not in a paragraph.<P>New paragraph
in a bad way.

And this is just a continuation.  When texts get long, they must be
auto-wrapped; and even that is working already.

<H3>Silly subsection at once</H3>
<H1>and another chapter</H1>
<H2>again a section</H2>
<P>Normal paragraph, which contains an <IMG
SRC=image.gif>, some
<I>italics with linebreak
</I> and <TT>code</TT>

And now for the preformatted stuff
   it should stay as it was
      even   with   strange blanks
  and indentations

And back to normal text...
<LI>list item 1
    <LI>list item 1.1
    <LI>list item 1.2
<LI>list item 2