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Mark Overmeer
Mail::Address - Parse mail addresses
Mail::Cap - Parse mailcap files
Mail::Field - Base class for manipulation of mail header fields
Mail::Field::AddrList - object representation of e-mail address lists
Mail::Filter - Filter mail through multiple subroutines
Mail::Header - manipulate mail RFC822 compliant headers
Mail::Internet - manipulate Internet format (RFC 822) mail messages
Mail::Mailer - Simple interface to electronic mailing mechanisms
Mail::Send - Simple electronic mail interface
Mail::Util - mail utility functions
Mail::Field::Date in Mail/Field/Date.pm
Mail::Field::Generic in Mail/Field.pm
Mail::Mailer::mail in Mail/Mailer/mail.pm
Mail::Mailer::qmail in Mail/Mailer/qmail.pm
Mail::Mailer::rfc822 in Mail/Mailer/rfc822.pm
Mail::Mailer::sendmail in Mail/Mailer/sendmail.pm
Mail::Mailer::smtp in Mail/Mailer/smtp.pm
Mail::Mailer::smtp::pipe in Mail/Mailer/smtp.pm
Mail::Mailer::test in Mail/Mailer/test.pm

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