Utils - A general set of perl functions to be included


use Utils;


Utils is used for aquiring locks, date functions and error reporting.

Following are a set of utility functions that are used often in the genloader code. Each function or set of functions is described below.

It is used by the examples OK!

   Variables Defined and exported are:
        $Program_Name  = the basename of the program running
        $Command       = the complete command use to run proggy
  Subroutine getlock 
        Args: $file to use as lock file
        Rtns: true/false
   create a lock file for application synchronisation in an atomic
  Subroutine read_config_file
        Args: config file to read in
        Rtns: nothing but sets variables in the Settings:: package
        Read in the config file and set all the variables into the
        Settings:: package.
        An example config file is:
               $hosts = ['x', 'a', 'b' ];
  Subroutine  forkit
        Args: none
        Rtns: none
  Description: forks into daemon mode or dies on error.
  Subroutine  clone
        Args: none
        Rtns: none
  Description: forks and execs another child process that looks just
  like us :-). Parent isn't affected
  Subroutine  log
        Args: the message to print
        Rtns: none
  Description: prints a formatted response to stdout with time stamp
  added. This could easily be extended to other things


       Mark Pfeiffer <>


       Copyright (c) 2003 Mark Pfeiffer. All rights reserved.
       This program is free software; you can redistribute it
       and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.