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Author image Mark Stosberg

Changes for version 4.00_09

  • CHANGE: Starting with 4.0, it will no longer work to use the syntax of CGI::Session::DriverName(). This hasn't been a documented API since CGI::Session 2.94, released in August, 2002.
  • FIX: documented etime(), which was present in 3.x (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Added code, test and docs to make $CGI::Session::File::FileName work, for 3.x compatibility. (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Providing an expire time like "-10" now works (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Restored close() method, for 3.x compatibility. (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Make ->clear('email') work, for 3.95 compatibility (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Added back is_new() for compatibility with 3.95. (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Support for CGI::Simple is confirmed, resolving RT#6141 (Mark Stosberg)
  • FIX: Add code and tests for $CGI::Session::MySQL::TABLE_NAME, which worked in 3.x (Mark Stosberg)
  • DOCS: CGI::Session now has a public Subversion repository, thanks to Jason Crome. See the bottom of the CGI::Session docs for details.

Changes for version 4.00_08

  • FIX: Changes made in 4.00_07 rolled back

Changes for version 4.00_07

  • FIX: overloaded objects are now stored properly

Changes for version 4.00_06

  • FIX (?): a test script was failing on Win32
  • FIX: inaccurate error reporting in load()

Changes for version 4.00_05

  • FIX: case insensitivity was not enforced properly in CGI::Session::parse_dsn()

Changes for version 4.00_04

  • FIX: Minor fix in tests suits and error-checking routines of serializers and id-generators

Changes for version 4.00_03

  • NEW: CGI::Session::find() introduced
  • NEW: traverse() introduced into drivers to support CGI::Session::find()
  • DOCS: More complete driver specs documented

Changes for version 4.00_02

  • FIX: race conditions in Driver/file.pm pointed out by Martin Bartosch

Changes for version 4.00_01

  • NEW: load() - constructor method to prevent unnecessary session creations
  • NEW: is_expired() - method to intercept expired sessions
  • NEW: is_empty() - to intercept requests for unexisting sessions
  • NEW: more optimized source code
  • NEW: updated and improved driver specs
  • NEW: standard testing framework
  • NEW: 'sqlite' driver


persistent session data in CGI applications
CGI::Session driver specifications
Base class for native DBI-related CGI::Session drivers
CGI::Session driver for BerkeleyDB using DB_File
Default CGI::Session driver
CGI::Session driver for MySQL database
PostgreSQL driver for CGI::Session
CGI::Session driver for SQLite
error handling routines for CGI::Session
CGI::Session ID driver
default CGI::Session ID generator
CGI::Session ID Driver for generating static IDs
Default CGI::Session serializer
serializer for CGI::Session
Serializer for CGI::Session
Extended CGI::Session manual


in lib/CGI/Session/Test/Default.pm
in lib/CGI/Session/Test/Default.pm
in lib/CGI/Session/Test/Default.pm