Changes for version 4.33

  • FIX: Patch CGI::Session::Driver::mysql to replace 'REPLACE INTO ...' with 'INSERT INTO ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ...'. See RT#37069. Thanks to Steve Kirkup for the patch. I (Ron) installed MySQL V 5.0.51a for testing. Note: and similar docs list various MySQL errors fixed recently for the above new syntax. Also, the new version is now much more like the Postgres code, which is another reason it has been adopted.
  • FIX: t/mysql.t used to test setting the global variable $CGI::Session::MySQL::TABLE_NAME. The test for this (in t/mysql.t) was introduced in V 4.00_09. However, since V 4.29_1, changes to CGI::Session::Driver's new() method mean this way of setting the session table's name no longer works, and so the variable $CGI::Session::MySQL::TABLE_NAME is now not used. Hence it has been removed. Code in CGI::Session::Driver::DBI used to set $class::TABLE_NAME for all database drivers. This code has also been removed. Moral: Don't use global variables. Call $session = CGI::Session -> new(..., ..., (TableName => 'new_name'}) or, after creating the object, call $session -> table_name('new_name'). To retrieve the name, call $name = $session -> table_name().


persistent session data in CGI applications
CGI::Session driver specifications
Base class for native DBI-related CGI::Session drivers
CGI::Session driver for BerkeleyDB using DB_File
Default CGI::Session driver
CGI::Session driver for MySQL database
PostgreSQL driver for CGI::Session
CGI::Session driver for SQLite
error handling routines for CGI::Session
CGI::Session ID driver
default CGI::Session ID generator
CGI::Session ID Driver for generating static IDs
Default CGI::Session serializer
serializer for CGI::Session
Serializer for CGI::Session
Extended CGI::Session manual


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