CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications

        # Object initialization:
        use CGI::Session;
        $session = CGI::Session->new();

        $CGISESSID = $session->id();

        # send proper HTTP header with cookies:
        print $session->header();

        # storing data in the session
        $session->param('f_name', 'Sherzod');
        # or
        $session->param(-name=>'l_name', -value=>'Ruzmetov');

        # retrieving data
        my $f_name = $session->param('f_name');
        # or
        my $l_name = $session->param(-name=>'l_name');

        # clearing a certain session parameter
        $session->clear(["l_name", "f_name"]);

        # expire '_is_logged_in' flag after 10 idle minutes:
        $session->expire('is_logged_in', '+10m')

        # expire the session itself after 1 idle hour

        # delete the session for good

    CGI-Session is a Perl5 library that provides an easy, reliable and modular
    session management system across HTTP requests. Persistency is a key feature
    for such applications as shopping carts, login/authentication routines, and
    application that need to carry data across HTTP requests. CGI::Session does
    that and many more.

    Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Sherzod Ruzmetov <>. All rights reserved.
    This library is free software. You can modify and or distribute it under the same
    terms as Perl itself.

    Sherzod Ruzmetov <>

    *   CGI::Session::Tutorial - extended CGI::Session manual
    *   RFC 2965 - "HTTP State Management Mechanism" found at
    *   CGI - standard CGI library
    *   Apache::Session - another fine alternative to CGI::Session