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Changes for version 4.00

  • NOTE *** This a major update with a significant code changes. While the test suite indicates we have 100% compatibility with 3.x, you are encouraged to test this release with your own applications before deploying it in a production environment.
    • The constraints interface has been overhauled to be more intuitive to use with parameterized constraints. This included added new two new profile keys: 'constraint_methods' and 'constraint_method_regexp_map'. All of the old syntax is still supported, but de-emphasized in the documentation. See RELEASE_NOTES for details.
    • A new method has been added to help building custom constraints: "set_current_constraint_name('foo')" will set the name of a constraint from within itself. An alias named 'name_this()' is provided for brevity. See the section on "Writing your own constraints" in DFV::Constraints for details.
    • success() method added to Results object. This is an easy way to check that there were no missing or invalid fields. (Michael Peters).
    • 'separator' was misspelled consistently in the the docs, code and tests. The proper spelling as well as the legacy typo spelling are now supported, although the typo'ed version is no longer documented, except for here. :) Thanks to Terrence Brannon for spotting this.
      • The 'msgs' hash in the profile is now validated to make sure it includes only valid keys. This should help to spot some errors faster.
    • ::Constraints::Upload now supports CGI::Simple, thanks to David Emery.
    • Documentation for required_regexp has been improved. (William McKee)
    • support for coderefs as default values (Marcello)
    • Improved field_filters documentation, thanks to Andrew Brosnan.
    • RT#12220: Canadian Province RE were updated. (Steve Simms).
    • The preferred MIME type was not being returned by the 'file_format' constraint for file uploads. This would have only affected cases where the mime type sent by the browser differed from the one detected by DFV. Thanks to Randal Schwartz for spotting this. (RT#12744).
    • Profile re-use when constraint_regexp_map is used is now fixed (Thanks to Cees Hek).
    • The date_and_time constraint now understands this format: MMDDYYYY. (RT#12111, thanks to JMAY)
    • This one is worth a brief explanation. When this old syntax was used:
      • my ( $valid, $missing, $invalid, $unknown ) = Data::FormValidator->validate({}, {} );
      • $invalid would be returned as an empty arrayref if there were no invalids. This return value was undocumented, and was later changed to be 'undef' sometime between 3.50 and 3.70. However, I found that some applications, including Cascade, depended on the undocumented return value (which they shouldn't have).
      • I have now reverted the behavior to returning an empty arrayref in this case, added a test for it, and updated the docs to be explicit about the return value. This will save some people unexpected breakages when upgrading DFV from a very old version with very old applications.
      • Those who use the $results object are unaffected.
    • Add many failing TODO tests for built-in filters. See t/filters_builtin.t
    • A new test was added to check that no warnings are emitted when an untainted constraint returns undef (Michael Peters)
  • 3.x releases after 3.63 happened on a different branch. All of the improvements there should be reflected above.
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