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Changes for version 4.51

    • Quit assuming that because the first element of an array is undef, the the whole thing is undef. (RT#24703, GTERMARS, Paul Blair)
    • For the "file_format" file upload constraint, File::MMagic sometimes wrongly returns the generic "application/octet-stream" MIME type instead of the correct MIME type. We now this return value as meaning "I don't know" and try the MIME type sent by the browser if this happens. (Mark Stosberg)
    • for the "file_format" file upload constraint, we now do a case-insensitive comparison of the MIME type provided by the browser, following the MIME standard. This bug was masked because we check the returned MIME type by File::MMagic first. Because it generally works and returns a lower-case result, it didn't matter. However, it some cases File::MMagic misbehaves under mod_perl, causing the the issue to matter. (Matt Christian, Mark Stosberg)
    • Start requiring and using Scalar::Util, which prevents UNIVERSAL::can() form generating warnings. (RT#25873, Dave O'Neill)
    • Start requiring Perl6::Junction, which we had previously copy/pasted a bit of into DFV. (Unlike some of the other Perl6 namespace modules, this one does /not/ use a source filter, and is addictively simple and useful.