2011-08-20 Mark Whittington <markwhi@cpan.org>

  * Release 0.95

	* Fixed bug 40155 (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40155)
	  - t/value.t now passes all tests

	* Updated version in README from 0.93 to 0.95

2006-04-11 Daniel Muey <dmuey@cpan.org>

	* Release 0.93

	* Fixed bug 18792 (http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=18792)

	* Updated version in README from 0.91 to 0.93

2004-12-08  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.92

	* Fix CPAN case #8782: destroy() method doesn't a true value on
          succesfully deleting empty sections

2003-01-25  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.91

	* Change the name() accessor behavior. Instead of returning the
	directive and section's name in lowercase, it no longer alter the
	case. Be careful, this change may broke your programs

	* Add some notice in the doc about the misunderstanding of the
	use of file handle with this module.

2002-11-15  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.90

	* Feed documentation

	* Add dump_reformat() method

	* Rewrite write_<type>() methods to allow to change theirs
	contents via set_write_<type>() methods.

	* Replace the "top" property by a dynamic top-level discovery

	* Change add() method to accept an already formed item in argument
	instead of its description (type, name, value).

	* Implement clone(), copy() and move() methods

	* Rewrite of delete(), remove() and destroy() methods

	* Add internal _add_child() method and implement it in
	_insert_*(), add() and clone() methods

	* Fix select() method, now allow to search items of different
	types with (for example) same names

	* Add -create option to constructor

	* Add -reformat option to save() method

	* Add write_blank() method

	* Add some example scripts into the eg/ folder

	* Add comment grouping feature which allow consecutive comment
	lines to be grouped in a single comment item

	* Add blank lines grouping, same as comment grouping for blank

	* Fix first_line and last_line methods

	* Add count_lines method

        * Rename remove method to unlink()

	* Turn this project in pre-stable state

2002-08-26  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.56

	* Fix major bug in _get_index() method. Impact delete() method.
	Thanks to Scott Beck
2002-08-11  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.55

	* Rewrite line continuation mechanism

2002-08-15  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release O.54

	* Fix a major bug in save method (thanks to Szilveszter Farkas)
	* Rename some internal variables

2002-07-15  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.53

	* Fix saveas() method

2002-06-07  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.52
	* Fix big memory leak problem (thanks to Scott Beck)

	* Fix miscellaneous bugs

2002-06-07  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.51

	* Fix select() method

2002-06-07  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.50

	* Fix many major bugs

	* Rewrite entire module with a new algorithm

	* Homogenization of API (may distrub you old applications !)

	* Change no longer support old API (-oldapi option)

	* Change all methods are overloaded to return its value. Using
	overloading feature *is now really deprecated*

	* New support for indentation
	* New handle comment and blank lines

	* New methods : add, select, add_comment, comment, add_blank and
	* Upgrade documentation

	* Optimizations it's now very fast ! =)

2002-06-03  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.21 Mon Jun 3 16:39:41 2002
	* Fix major bugs. Correction of '-ontop', '-onbottom', '-after'
	and '-before' parameters behavior in 'add_directive' and
	'add_section' methods.

2002-06-03  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.20
	* Fix major bugs
	* Rethink completely the algorithm, it's 65 times faster !

2002-04-11  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.16
	* Fix major bug, no longer merging namespace of identical (same
	name/value) sections

2001-12-11  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.15
	* Fix minor bug, add_(section|directive) with option -onbottom
	weren't work properly
	* Add dump_raw() method 

2001-12-08  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.14 Sat Dec  8 14:14:50 2001
	* Fix major bug that cause an endless loop in the constructor with
	perl 5.005 and maybe 5.6
	* Fix error messages

2001-12-06  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>
	* Release 0.13
	* Fix compatibility problem with perl 5.005, thinks to Anton

	* Fix error when add_(directive|section) on an empty file

2001-11-11  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.12
	* New feature, constructor and save() method now accept file
	handle instead of file path. Thanks Peter Suschlik for his patch.

2001-10-25  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.11

	* Fix bug in add_section method. add_section will add entries
	before the last context's section line.

2001-10-12  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.10
	* Fix bug in test scripts, that makes test fail randomly

	* Change directive() now returns full list of directives, sorted
	as it comes in the file. Each element of this list is an object
	that points to the directive entry.

	* Change directive(Foo) also returns a full list of value of all
	"Foo" directive in current context, also sorted as it comes in the
	file. Each list's element is also an object that points to the
	directive entry.

	* Change directive(Foo, Bar) returns an object that points to the last
	directive (if more than one) wich has the same directive's
	name/value. In list context, it returns the full list of same
	directive's name/value.

	* Change directive() can now takes the -which=>N parameter to
	select the entry's number to return (if exists).

	* Change directive() can now takes 4 new type of parameters:
	-before, -after, -ontop and -onbottom.

	* Modification of parser to allow sections to have same name than
	directive in the same context without clash.
	* New methods (see documentation for more details) first_line,
	last_line, lines, dump_line, isin, type and name.
	* Change API, so contructor can take the -oldapi=>1 argument for a
	backward compatibility

2001-09-20  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.07

	* Change, section and directive methods no any longer return an
	arrayref in list context but a simple list. Documentation
	corrected (thanx to Nathan Wiger for this suggestion).

2001-09-18  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.6

	* Add a quick and dirty documentation
	* Change value() method, returns the context value if no arguments

	* Change new() method, can be called without argument, save()
	need an argument in this case

2001-08-18  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.05
	* Fix major bug, if config file wasn't exists, module won't work !
	* Fix bug, value() method wasn't took the appropriate value to
	change it, resulting to an unchanged value

	* Fix bug, $master and $root value was undefined in value method,
	so value wasn't work at all

2001-08-17  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.4
	* Fix a minor bug in directive method.

2001-08-17  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.03

	* Fix a major bug in directive method.

2001-08-16  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.02

	* Put module on CPAN
	* Fix a very major bug that cause "syntax error" from parser on
	directives with no value like "clearmodulelist", thanx A2 for this

2001-08-12  Olivier Poitrey  <rs@rhapsodyk.net>

	* Release 0.01

	* Original version