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Mateu X. Hunter
bracket_cgi.pl - Catalyst CGI
bracket_create.pl - Create a new Catalyst Component
bracket_fastcgi.pl - Catalyst FastCGI
bracket_server.pl - Catalyst Test Server
bracket_test.pl - Catalyst Test
Bracket::Controller::Admin in lib/Bracket/Controller/Admin.pm
Bracket::Controller::Auth in lib/Bracket/Controller/Auth.pm
Bracket::Controller::Player in lib/Bracket/Controller/Player.pm
Bracket::Form::Login in lib/Bracket/Form/Login.pm
Bracket::Form::Password::Change in lib/Bracket/Form/Password/Change.pm
Bracket::Form::Password::Reset in lib/Bracket/Form/Password/Reset.pm
Bracket::Form::Password::ResetEmail in lib/Bracket/Form/Password/ResetEmail.pm
Bracket::Form::Register in lib/Bracket/Form/Register.pm
Bracket::Schema in lib/Bracket/Schema.pm
Changes for version 1.00
    • Bug Fix:
  • Final 4 matchups (generalize to handle any year)
    • Improvements:
  • More cleaning of un-needed parts
  • Regional Edits cut-off time added
  • View refinements

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