Revision history for Perl extensions 

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0.06 12/09/2004
       OOCBuilder: getters for location of active cell in numbers
                   cell id's : spreadsheet notation like A5, AD516, ... 
                   documentation updated
0.05 31/08/2004
       OOBuilder: added getters for Meta.xml data
                  added empty subs for writing styles.xml and settings.xml
                   both files are not really necessary to create a working
                   openoffice document (is in the TODO list)
                  added pod documentation
       OOCBuilder: added pod documentation
0.04 30/07/2004
       OOBuilder: set styles to be used within OOCBuilder
                  generate method updated to write styles.xml and Manifest
       OOCBuilder: set_colwidth, set_rowheight implemented
0.03 26/07/2004
       OOCBuilder: add_sheet, goto_sheet, set_sheet_name implemented
       Documentation started: still lots todo 
0.02 25/07/2004
         goto_xy, set_data, set_data_xy implemented
         generate content.xml
0.01 23/07/2004
       Meta.xml data support