TODO / whishlist for Perl extensions 

This list is certainly not complete.

TODO - OOBuilder
  - get_meta : best way to return it: array, hash or ?
  - getters for active style
    not yet implemented because in the future we will probably add 
    ways to get the style of a specifique cell or location
    maybe we also add the possibility to read an existing document, and make 
    changes to it. This all makes that we have to be careful about this.
  - Extra setters/getters for meta.xml
      Statistical Data (after meta:user-defined...)
  - write_styles & write_settings (also getters/setters for this ?)
  - set page size and page headers

TODO - OOCBuilder
  - row styles
  - numeric styles / cell format
  - cell-format ? (seems with numeric styles, not possible in cell directly)
  - defrowheight : default row height
  - in sub set_sheet_name : process name: check valid characters and length ?!
  - in sub set_colwidth : do we need to check $width ?

  - test if zip is available
  - writing tests