Revision history for Perl extensions

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0.09 23/07/2007
        - maximum number of supported sheets augmented to 64
        - bugfix in setdata: did only work on sheet 1, must
          work on active sheet
        - removed from encode sub
          $data=~ s/([^\x20-\x7F])/'&#' . ord($1) . ';'/gse; # from
          this was only needed for systems that did not support unicode
        - fixed bug in enocde_data : converting & must be done before all others
0.08 22/02/2005
       OOBuilder: Windows now also supported: from now on using
                  Archive::Zip instead of the linux zip utility
                  with a system call. [thanks to Magnus Nufer]
         If you don't want to use Archive::Zip, and you are on a Linux
         system with access to a zip program, take a look at the file, search for 'zip', and you will find some
         instructions how to change this.
         If you do so, please let me know. If enough people want this to be
         an option, I'll try to implement that in one of the next releases.
0.07 11/11/2004
       OOCBuilder: right-align didn't work: fixed
0.06 12/09/2004
       OOCBuilder: getters for location of active cell in numbers
                   cell id's : spreadsheet notation like A5, AD516, ...
                   documentation updated
0.05 31/08/2004
       OOBuilder: added getters for Meta.xml data
                  added empty subs for writing styles.xml and settings.xml
                   both files are not really necessary to create a working
                   openoffice document (is in the TODO list)
                  added pod documentation
       OOCBuilder: added pod documentation
0.04 30/07/2004
       OOBuilder: set styles to be used within OOCBuilder
                  generate method updated to write styles.xml and Manifest
       OOCBuilder: set_colwidth, set_rowheight implemented
0.03 26/07/2004
       OOCBuilder: add_sheet, goto_sheet, set_sheet_name implemented
       Documentation started: still lots todo
0.02 25/07/2004
         goto_xy, set_data, set_data_xy implemented
         generate content.xml
0.01 23/07/2004
       Meta.xml data support