Revision history for Perl extension Net::NSCAng::Client.

v2.0.0  2016-09-16
	- New: can now submit arbitrary commands to the monitoring server

v1.0.0  2016-09-12
	- New: provide :rcodes tag to only import return codes
	- New: version numbering scheme changed to use version->declare()
	- Doc fix: properly hyperlink to methods by separating method name and
	  argument template.

0.05  2015-10-06
	- Fix: use Devel::CheckLib in the build script to verify that the
	  OpenSSL found is actually usable.

0.04  2015-09-27
	- Fix: on systems such as OpnBSD that use LibreSSL without support for
	  RFC4279 PSK authentication, try `libeopenssl' (the original) first.
	- Test: emit warning on threaded perls
	- CPAN: add MIN_PERL_VERSION and repository info
	- CPAN: change archive to bzip2 format

0.03  2015-08-31
	- Test suite: fix spurious failures on non-English locales

0.02  2015-08-26
	- Doc fix: *_results method documentation had wrong arguments
	- Doc fix: "timeout" tag for the constructor was missing

0.01  2015-08-25
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-b 5.10.1 -O -A -n Net::NSCAng::Client

vim:set noet  ts=8: