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Changes for version 1.05

  • Changes placeholder from comment at end of line, to munged sub/pkg name. So, instead of turning:
    • method test_method_a ($self) {
  • into
    • sub test_method_a { # SUB1
  • we now turn it into
    • sub SUB1_method_a {
  • This eliminates issues with Perl::Tidy moving that trailing comment, and attempts to preserve the length of the method name so any changes to formatting due to name length will be consistent.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to tests:
  • Bug fix: RT#106398 "long single line subs" should be handled correctly.
  • Adds (failing) test for RT#106464
  • Adds checks for creation of perltidy.ERR file as part of tests
  • Adds simpler means of specifying TODO tests
  • TODO:
  • Would like to preserve the *length* of the clauses in order to allow Perl::Tidy to format them. This could probably be done with prototypes for sub, but not sure what you do with packages.
  • [This upgrade is recommended if you are experiencing issues with "# SUB_" comments being left in your code.]


Script to execute Perl::Tidy::Sweetened cleanup
Script to execute Perl::Tidy::Sweetened cleanup


Tweaks to Perl::Tidy to support some syntactic sugar
Tweaks to Perl::Tidy to support some syntactic sugar
Perl::Tidy::Sweetened filter plugin to define new subroutine and class keywords
Simple object to facilitate a pluggable filter architecture
Perl::Tidy::Sweetened filter plugin to handle twigls