Fix portability: currently we rely on some external programs.  These
can all be replaced with perl modules.  N.B. It is okay to rely on the
availability of non core modules.

Make a test for the programs in the bin directory.

Convert POD descriptions (taken from inside modules) into proper text,
at least as an option

Improve efficiency of ModList module by keeping the read in modlist
available in class data..

Explore other meta information formats.

Teach DPKG to get meta information from this.

Teach makerpm to get meta information from this (cpanflute, the RPM
builder distributed with RPM already has a contributed patch)

Go through all package formats carefully and list which meta
information functions we should implement (add to this todo file those
not implemented)

Think clearly about dependencies information.  In order to
automatically generate proper dependencies the module should be
installed (normally in a temporary directory structure).  I have
contributed code to RPM > 3.0.4 that can then work out the
dependencies (in perl.prov and perl.dep).  It would probably be more
useful if contributed into a CPAN module because then all packaging
systems could use this.

Add a verbose mode to the test scripts; make it not be the default;
hide all the normal verbosity.

Carefully check all points of failure (open() function calls etc) are
being trapped.  

Consider security more carefully (at present we could be tricked into
generating wrong meta info since we trust directories in /tmp which
might not belong to us.. we do this to allow sharing.)