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Statistics::Distributions - Perl module for calculating critical values and upper probabilities of common statistical distributions


  use Statistics::Distributions;

  $chis=Statistics::Distributions::chisqrdistr (2,.05);
  print "Chi-squared-crit (2 degrees of freedom, 95th percentile "
       ."= 0.05 level) = $chis\n";
  $u=Statistics::Distributions::udistr (.05);
  print "u-crit (95th percentile = 0.05 level) = $u\n";
  $t=Statistics::Distributions::tdistr (1,.005);
  print "t-crit (1 degree of freedom, 99.5th percentile = 0.005 level) "
       ."= $t\n";
  $f=Statistics::Distributions::fdistr (1,3,.01);
  print "F-crit (1 degree of freedom in numerator, 3 degrees of freedom "
       ."in denominator, 99th percentile = 0.01 level) = $f\n";
  $uprob=Statistics::Distributions::uprob (-0.85);
  print "upper probability of the u distribution (u = -0.85): Q(u) "
       ."= 1-G(u) = $uprob\n";
  $chisprob=Statistics::Distributions::chisqrprob (3,6.25);
  print "upper probability of the chi-square distribution (3 degrees "
       ."of freedom, chi-squared = 6.25): Q = 1-G = $chisprob\n";
  $tprob=Statistics::Distributions::tprob (3,6.251);
  print "upper probability of the t distribution (3 degrees of "
       ."freedom, t = 6.251): Q = 1-G = $tprob\n";
  $fprob=Statistics::Distributions::fprob (3,5,.625);
  print "upper probability of the F distribution (3 degrees of freedom "
       ."in numerator, 5 degrees of freedom in denominator, F = 6.25): "
       ."Q = 1-G = $fprob\n";


This Perl module calculates percentage points (5 significant digits) of the u (standard normal) distribution, the student's t distribution, the chi-square distribution and the F distribution. It can also calculate the upper probability (5 significant digits) of the u (standard normal), the chi-square, the t and the F distribution. These critical values are needed to perform statistical tests, like the u test, the t test, the F test and the chi-squared test, and to calculate confidence intervals.

If you are interested in more precise algorithms you could look at: StatLib: ; Applied Statistics Algorithms by Griffiths, P. and Hill, I.D., Ellis Horwood: Chichester (1985)


This final version 1.02 has been released after more than one year without a bug report on the previous version 0.07. Nevertheless, if you find any bugs or oddities, please do inform the author.


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Michael Kospach <>

Nice formating, simplification and bug repair by Matthias Trautner Kromann <>


Copyright 2003 Michael Kospach. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Statistics::ChiSquare, Statistics::Table::t, Statistics::Table::F, perl(1).