This is the CGI::LogCarp module for perl, providing additional streams for
logging and debugging.

The reason I wrote the module was so that my scripts could have separate and
independant streams for output for activity-based logging and for debug
logging separate from actual error output. I thought "we have STDOUT, STDIN,
and STDERR, so why not a STDBUG and STDLOG to go along with that".

It's designed so that the messages are tiered, in the sense that anything going
to STDERR gets replicated to STDLOG and STDBUG too.
Anything going to STDLOG goes to STDBUG, and STDBUG goes only to itself. 

The default is that STDERR, STDBUG, and STDLOG all derive from your script's
original STDERR.

Now, since you can point these new streams to the same location, and different
people (or instances of your script) can point these streams to the same
location, I've removed duplicate messages and handled file locking for you.
This makes it *very* CGI-friendly and you can do something like poke STDBUG
back out to the STDOUT, yet leave STDERR and STDLOG going to your
_application's_ error and activity logs respectively, instead of only being
able to sling something to the web server's error log. Then you see normal
logging in your files, but debug output goes back out to your browser
(probably debugging the CGI)....

Anyway, I'm sure y'all will find all sorts of neato uses I've not thought
of yet, so have at it.

Michael King

To install these modules, cd to the directory that this README file is
in and type the following:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make install

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	pod2man >

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Version 1.05 released to CPAN: Tue Jan 13 01:55:56 CST 1998

Michael King

Please send any reports of problems or bugs to I wouldn't
mind a short note to know that you're using this. Suggestions and knowing
how many others are using this will help promote its upkeep.

This package is copyright (c) 1997 by Michael King ( and is
made available to the Perl public under terms of the Artistic License used to
cover Perl itself. See the file Artistic in the distribution  of Perl 5.002 or
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