CGI::LogCarp - Things still left to do:

Volunteers are wanted to help address the following issues.
If you would like to make a contribution, send me an email.

Michael King

Major Issues

- None so far

Major Wishes

- None so far

Minor Issues or Wishes

- Unfortunately the obvious choice for sending a message to the STDLOG stream
'log' has already been taken, and conflicts with the math function of the same
name. So, I've decided to use 'logmsg' instead, but I'm open to other ideas.

- Locks are fine grained
Do we need a higher level lock/unlock around a block of messages?
e.g.: lock \*STDLOG; iterated_log_writes @lines; unlock \*STDLOG;

- The locking code could probably be made more portable.

- Flesh out the test code.

- Split or move documentation to end of source to speed parsing.

- Stack signal handlers or don't care and override anyway?