This is the import module for perl, which imports all modules 
with the same package prefix, aliasing it away.

'import' acts as a pragma that performs a 'use' on all modules that can be 
found with the given package prefix. Any modules found have a 'use' statement 
performed, and the fully qualified package name is aliased to one without the 
given prefix. The functionality is similar to Java's 'import' statement.

Michael King

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To install these modules, cd to the directory that this README file is
in and type the following:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make install

Documentation for these modules is part of the files themselves using
the pod (Plain Old Documentation) format, and can be read using the
perldoc program that comes with perl.

To manually convert them into manual page format, type something like
the following:

	pod2man import.pod >

To manually convert them into HTML format, type:


(pod2html creates an HTML file named

Online documentation of these modules can be found at:

First released to CPAN: Sun Oct 10 22:59:23 CDT 1999

Michael King

Please send any reports of problems or bugs to I wouldn't
mind a short note to know that you're using this. Suggestions and knowing
how many others are using this will help promote its upkeep.

This package is copyright (c) 1997 by Michael King ( and is
made available to the Perl public under terms of the Artistic License used to
cover Perl itself. See the file Artistic in the distribution  of Perl 5.002 or
later for details of copy and distribution terms.