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Revision history for Perl extension Proc::PidUtil

0.09  Mon Jan 27 11:59:58 PST 2014
        modify Makefile.PL to bypass missing 'pod2text'

0.08  Mon Sep 11 18:54:05 PDT 2006
	'mkdir' updated from comptability with perl 5.0503

0.07  Tue Jan 11 10:00:37 PST 2005
	Fix insecure dependency in kill while running with -T switch 
	at line 111 (#1)

	Thanks to Maxim Nechaev <> for spotting 
	that bug.

	NOTE: to test taint compliance, after running
		make install
		perl -T t/pu_pid.t

0.06  Tue Mar  12 12:42:10 PST 2004
	initial release

	converted from Mail::SpamCannibal::PidUtil v0.05