Revision history for Perl extension Net::Z3950::ZOOM.

1.30  Wed Mar 12 14:08:26 CET 2014
        - Update test 19-events.t and 29-events.t
          Events check: allow for multiple Connect events
	- Require YAZ 4 or later
	- Require perl-XML-LibXML-XPathContext on RHEL/CentOS v5 only.

1.29  Mon Oct 14 10:41:28 CEST 2013
	- Debian/RPM packages now built with YAZ 5.
	- Do not depend on libyaz4-devel in Debian package
	  (only required for building)  
	- Include the useful example program
	  samples/zoom-delete-records which is installed as part of
	  "make install".
	- Fix documentation of connect() method so that it doesn't
	  imply that it can accept options.

1.28  Fri Oct 15 13:34:41 BST 2010
	- In the test-suite, provide a more explicit report when the
	  scan identity test (display term == term) fails.
	- The displayTerm==term assertion is now case-insensitive, as
	  it ought always to have been: previously, the test-suite
	  relied on a specific implementaton detail of the
	  test-server, which has recently changed causing extraneous
	  test-suite failures.
	- Also in the test-suite for scan, remove the test that all
	  title-terms are in the general-term list, an assumption that
	  should never have been made.

1.27  Wed Aug 11 17:13:07 BST 2010
	- Support for Index Data build procedures, including making
	  Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat packages from clean tarballs.
	- No upstream changes -- packaging only.

1.26  Tue Jun  8 16:43:29 BST 2010
	- Tweak the test-suite so that it works correctly on Fedora
	  Core 12 (  For some reason,
	  attempts to connect to a non-existent host can fail with
	  ERROR_TIMEOUT and no addinfo, rather than ERROR_CONNECT and
	  the hostname as addinfo; and the number of terms to request
	  in a scan needs to be explicitly specified in an option.
	- Add "debclean" target to generated Makefile.
	- Remove extraneous and misleading old CVS IDs.

1.25  Fri Feb 19 15:04:26 GMT 2010
	- Fix test-suite not to run the "packages" tests against, which has gone away, but against, like the other tests.  A new server
	  runs on a different port for these tests.
	- Rename to zoomdump, and add it to the set of
	  programs installed.
	- Switch to git for version control.  Not that it should make
	  any difference to the Perl distribution.
	- Add semicolons to the commented-out sample configuration
	  lines for Windows in Makefile.PL

1.24  Tue Jun 17 11:31:08 BST 2008
	- When Net::Z3950::ZOOM::record_get() fetches an XML record
	  because the requested OPAC record is empty,  it now wraps it
	  in an OPAC wrapper, making the difference invisible to
	  application code.

1.23  Mon Jun  9 14:53:15 BST 2008
	- Net::Z3950::ZOOM::record_get() now patches around the
	  problem of naughty servers that refuse to return anything
	  for an OPAC record when there is no non-bibliographic part,
	  by falling back on requesting an XML record in such cases.

1.22  Tue May 27 14:00:12 BST 2008
	- Fix Net::Z3950::ZOOM::record_get() to use a struct datachunk
	  _when_ appropriate, e.g. for "render" not for "database" and
	- Remove the unused $len reference parameter from record_get()
	  and $record->get(): this is now used in the underlying C
	  layer to make Perl strings of the right length, and is of no
	  value higher up the stack.
	- Fix a bug in ZOOM::ResultSet::records(): requests including
	  the last record in the set were incorrectly declined.
	- Better Debian packaging: use "make debian" to create new
	  "debian/output" directory containing .deb package file,
	  changes file, etc.
	- Clear up a few warnings in ZOOM.xs
	- Minor documentation improvements.

1.21  Mon Oct 29 12:07:25 GMT 2007
	- In the "typemap" file's handling of opaquechar*, use STRLEN
	  type for _unused_len in instead of unsigned: this prevents a
	  (possibly serious) warning on some 64-bit architectures,
	  although applications that do not use the option_binary()
	  methods will be safe with the previous release.
	- Add explicit "#include <yaz/log.h>" to ZOOM.xs in the hope
	  of preventing undeclared-function warnings that some users
	  have reported but which I have been unable to reproduce.

1.20  Fri Sep 21 17:51:55 BST 2007
	- Add new sample program, samples/zoom/
	- samples/zoom/ now accepts arbitrary options at
	  the end of the command-line, so that (for example) you can
	  specify a non-USMARC record syntax.
	- Add new functions Net::Z3950::ZOOM::diag_srw_str() and
	  ZOOM::diag_srw_str() to map SRW diagnostic codes into
	  human-readable messages.
	- ZOOM::Exception() constructor uses diag_srw_str() to fill in
	  the error message, if it is undefined, for SRW errors.
	- The render() method of ZOOM::Exception(), and therefore the
	  overloaded stringifying operator, deals with exceptions that
	  have no message().
	- Corrected the scan parts of the test-suite that use CQL so
	  that they explicitly perform client-side CQL compilation and
	  send the resulting Type-1 query.  Previously, these tests
	  were (accidentally) requesting that CQL be sent as-is to the
	  server, but this mistake was being masked by an error in
	  older versions of ZOOM-C that compiled client-side anyway!

1.19  Mon Jul  9 14:09:31 BST 2007
	- Add $conn->exception() method.
	- Set version number for Net::Z3950 to 0.99 -- less than the
	  1.0 version number that will be used when it successfully
	  emulates the old Net::Z3950 module, but superseding the last
	  release, 0.51, of that module.
	- Include samples/zoom/ in distribution.
	- Add "irspy" namespace to samples/zoom/zselect

1.18  Mon Feb 26 14:57:48 GMT 2007
	- When a connection is in asynchronous mode, failing
	  operations (search, scan, etc.) no longer throw exceptions.
	  This is because the event-loop in asychronous applications
	  needs to check for errors anyway, in case the server has
	  returned high-level diagnostics such as "unsupported use
	  attribute".  So this check within the event-loop is now the
	  only place where error-checking need be done.
	- Add new public ZOOM::Connection() function, check(), which
	  throws an exception if an error is pending (even if the
	  connection is asynchronous).
	- New YAZ logging level, "zoom_check", notes when errors are
	  detected and either left unreported (asynchronous
	  connections) or thrown as exception (synchronous).

1.17  Thu Feb 22 20:38:45 GMT 2007
	- Change Net::Z3950::ZOOM::event() to allocate its array of
	  connection pointers dynamically, so there is no longer an
	  arbitrary limit of 100.
	- New connection-level option "_check_debug" emits messages on
	  standard error when checking a connection find an error that
	  is about to result in throwing an exception.  There is no
	  reason for you ever to use this, though -- pretend you don't
	  know about it.

1.16  Tue Jan 16 11:18:34 GMT 2007
	- Require version 2.1.41 or better of YAZ, so that Init
	  Response options are available using
	  $conn->option("init_opt_sort") etc.
	- Include samples/zoom/ to exercise these options.
	- Add ZOOM_connection_peek_event() and $conn->peek_event().
	- Require YAZ version 2.1.45, which is the first to provide

1.15  Fri Dec  1 14:17:49 GMT 2006
	- ZOOM::Error::INIT is renamed to ZOOM::Error::ZINIT, since
	  INIT is a reserved word in Perl.  In version 1.14 and
	  earlier, "require ZOOM" would fail, saying "Too late to run
	  INIT block", and "use ZOOM" would result in
	  ZOOM::Error::INIT having a value equal to its name (why?!)
	  rather than, as intended, Net::Z3950::ZOOM::ERROR_INIT.
	- Belatedly added documentation for $rec->error() and

1.14  Tue Nov 28 17:33:07 GMT 2006
	- Add $record->error() to return non-surrogate diagnostics,
	  and $record->exception() to return the same information
	  wrapped in a ZOOM::Exception object.
	- Requires YAZ 2.1.40, which provides ZOOM_record_error().
	- $conn->error_x() now returns the error-code when called in
	  scalar context, rather than the diagnostic set name.

1.13  Sat Nov  4 16:47:00 GMT 2006
	- ZOOM::Connection::create() may now take either a single
	  argument, which is a ZOOM::Options object, or any even
	  number of argument (including zero), which are key => value
	  pairs of options to set.
	- ZOOM::Connection::new(), having been refactored to use
	  create(), can now also take a ZOOM::Options argument.
	- Documentation now includes information on specifying SRW,
	  SRU-over-GET and SRU-over-POST connections.
	- ZOOM::ResultSet::record() throws a diagnostic if asked to
	  retrieve records out of range for the result-set.
	- All tests against are now explicitly against, as the identity of the former name has
	  recently changed.

1.12  (NEVER PUBLICLY RELEASED; these changes are included in 1.13)
	- Include the useful example program samples/zoom/zselect,
	  which is installed as part of "make install".
	- Add ZOOM_connection_is_idle() and $conn->is_idle().
	- Require YAZ version 2.1.35, which is the first to provide
	- Fix bug in ZOOM::Connection class code that made the
	  difficult to subclass -- when called as
	  $class->SUPER::new(@_), the constructor blessed the new
	  object into ZOOM::Connection rather than info the subclass.

1.11  Thu Aug 31 16:47:53 BST 2006
	- Require YAZ version 2.1.17, which has important ZOOM-C
	- Do not use "-Wdeclaration-after-statement" compiler option,
	  since this supported only by GCC (and only recent versions).

1.10  Thu Jun 15 16:42:47 BST 2006
	- No functional changes, but use Adam's modified API to
	  ZOOM_query_ccl2rpn().  This incompatible change means that
	  RELEASE 1.09 WILL NOT BUILD against any recent YAZ.

1.09  Tue Jun 13 17:44:43 2006
	- Add new function Net::Z3950::ZOOM::query_ccl2rpn(), for
	  client-side CCL compilation.
	- Add new ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN class, encapsulating CCL
	  compiler functionality as a Query subclass.  This allows
	  client-side CCL to be used for both search and scan.
	- Add two new error-codes, CCL_CONFIG and CCL_PARSE,
	  returned by the client-side CCL facilities.
	- Supply a sample CCL profile file: samples/ccl/default.bib,
	  copied from the same-named file distributed with YAZ.
	- The test-scripts t/12-query.t and t/22-query.t are extended
	  to also test client-side CCL searching.
	- The test-scripts t/15-scan.t and t/25-scan.t are extended
	  to also test client-side CCL scanning.
	- Documentation updated to describe use of CCL.
	- Add a nice, simple update client: samples/zoom/

1.08  Thu May 11 22:40:41 BST 2006
	- Requires version 2.1.11 of YAZ, not 2.0.11.  This is a
	  bugfix: the old reliance on 2.0.11 was merely a typo.

1.07  Thu May 11 17:45:37 BST 2006
	- Makefile.PL checks for at least version 2.1.11 of YAZ, and
	  refuses to build if it's not present.  Thanks to "gregor"
	  (an otherwise anonymous CPAN tester) for notifying me of the
	  previously poor reporting of failure when running against an
	  earlier YAZ.
	- No changes to functionality or documentation.

1.06  Wed Apr 19 21:11:52 BST 2006
	- Avoid mixed statement/declaration in ZOOM.xs.  *sigh*  Why
	  the heck GCC allows this by default I will never understand.
	- Add (commented out) OPTIMIZE option to Makefile.PL, to turn
	  on -Wdeclaration-after-statement, which makes mixed
	  statement/declaration illegal.

1.05  Wed Apr 12 13:31:27 BST 2006
	- Implementation of asynchronous events!  The Net::Z3950::ZOOM
	  interface provides this through the event, last_event() and
	  event_str() functions.  The ZOOM interface provides it
	  through the ZOOM::event() and ZOOM:event_str() functions,
	  and the ZOOM::Connection class's last_event() function.
	- New sample programs added illustrating both asynchronous
	  interfaces: samples/net-z3950-zoom/ and
	  samples/zoom/ respectively.  Additional sample
	  programs "" and "" for the ZOOM
	  interface only, the latter being a "shortest possible
	  broadcast search application".
	- Added documentation on writing asynchronous applications.
	- Added test-scripts "t/19-events.t" and "t/29-event.t" for
	  events on an asynchronous connection.
	- Fix ZOOM::Connection::new so that options are handled in
	  accordance with the documentation: applied _before_ the
	  connection is forged, so that "async" and similar options
	  can take effect.

1.04  Mon Apr  3 14:56:11 BST 2006
	- The ZOOM-Perl layer now provides access to the underlying
	  ZOOM-C's character-translation functionality, through new
	  optional arguments to ZOOM::Record's render() and raw()
	  methods, and a new underlying get() method.

1.03  Thu Mar  9 12:55:23 GMT 2006
	- Allow additional key => value pairs as arguments to the
	  ZOOM::Connectoion constructor; these are added as Connection
	  options before the protocol connection is forged.

1.02  Thu Mar  9 11:36:55 GMT 2006
	- Add interface to yaz_version().
	- Emit big warning at startup time if YAZ version is less than
	  2.0.11 (which is what ZOOM-Perl 1.02 requires) unless the
	  file /tmp/ignore-ZOOM-YAZ-version-mismatch exists.
	- Fix incorrect ZOOM-package URL in documentation.
	- Fix typo ("createdb" package) in documentation.
	- The ZOOM::Connection constructor may now be called with only
	  a single argument (host-string) and does not require a
	  dummy port-number argument.

1.01  Thu Dec 22 14:13:34 GMT 2005
	- Place some CODE: chunks in "ZOOM.xs" inside curly brackets
	  so that the declarations they begin with are at the start of
	  the block.  This avoid mixed code/declarations.  (The
	  "correct" solution is to use INIT: clauses in the XS file,
	  but they don't seem to work: the code in them is slapped
	  down right next to the CODE:, so declarations are not
	  acceptable there either.)
	- Add new function Net::Z3950::ZOOM::connection_scan1(), which
	  uses a query object to indicate the start-term.  This opens
	  the way for using CQL queries for scanning once the
	  underlying ZOOM-C code supports this.
	  method scan() is renamed scan_pqf(), and a new scan() method
	  is introduced which calls the underlying scan1() function.
	  Thus the scan()/scan_pqf() dichotomy is consistent with that
	  between search()/search_pqf().
	- The tests t/15-scan.t and t/25-scan.t now also test for
	  scanning by CQL query.  To support these tests, a new files
	  is added to the distribution, "samples/cql/"
	- Remove nonsensical clause about CQL sort-specifications from
	  the documentation.
	- Add new function Net::Z3950::ZOOM::query_cql2rpn(), for
	  client-side CQL compilation.
	- Add new ZOOM::Query::CQL2RPN class, encapsulating CQL
	  compiler functionality as a Query subclass.
	- Add two new error-codes, CQL_PARSE and CQL_TRANSFORM,
	  returned by the client-side CQL facilities.
	- The test-scripts t/12-query.t and t/22-query.t are extended
	  to also test client-side CQL compilation.
	- Add all the yaz_log*() functions within the Net::Z3950::ZOOM
	- Add new ZOOM::Log class for logging, providing aliases for
	  the functions in the Net::Z3950::ZOOM layer.
	- Add diagnostic set to rendering of Exception objects.
	- Documentation added for CQL compilation and logging.

1.00  Wed Dec 14 11:18:33 GMT 2005
	- First distributed version.

0.01  Fri Oct  7 16:14:20 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		--name=Net::Z3950::ZOOM --compat-version=5.8.0 \
		--omit-constant --skip-exporter --skip-ppport \
		--autogen-xsubs yaz/zoom.h -lyaz -lxml2


To be done in future releases:
	- Complete, test and document ""
	- Create old-style Net::Z3950 compatibility layer.
	- Fix memory leaks in callback functions for option sets.
	- Fix limitation that option-set callback functions must be
	  specified as strings containing package-qualified function