This area contains sample programs that exercise all three of the APIs
supported by this module.  The programs for each API are contained in
separate subdirectories:

net-z3950-zoom -- Test programs using the low-level Net::Z3950::ZOOM
	API, which is an as-literal-as-possible translation of the
	ZOOM-C API.  You should almost certainly not bother reading
	these programs: they are for the benefit of the module

zoom -- Test programs using the object-oriented ZOOM interface, which
	is a nice, Perlish interpretation of the ZOOM abstract API as
	documented at

net-z3950 -- Test programs using the obsolescent Net::Z3950 interface,
	which is provided by this distribution as a plug-compatible
	replacement for the old Net::Z3950 module.  There is no reason
	to use this API unless you are maintaining an existing
	application that uses Net::Z3950.

In general, each sample program exists in a different version in all
three directories, under the same name in each.  The programs are: -- A direct translation of the "zoomtst1.c" application
	from the YAZ distribution, except that these versions go on to
	fetch the records that they find, whereas the C version is
	satisfied just to get the hit count. -- A direct translation of the "zoomtst3.c" application
	from the YAZ distribution -- simultaneous search of multiple
	targets.  Pretty cool :-) -- A slightly cleverer version of "" which takes
	advantage of the new END element introduced in YAZ 2.1.17 to
	display each server's records as soon as they have been
	received, rather than waiting until all servers have finished
	their jobs as in every previous ZOOM-based multiplexer. -- Create a new database and add a record to it.

In addition, this "sample" directory contains sample records that are
used by the test-suite to exercise the update functionality.  These
are found in the "records" subdirectory.  It also provides a
CQL-to-PQF mapping file (copied blindly from the one in the YAZ
distribution), found in the "cql" directory.