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Revision history for Chess-Rep                          -*- change-log -*-

0.6	Jan 26, 2010 -- applied a patch
	(thanks Olivier Macchioni) that generates the smallest SAN notation
	in case of an ambiguity.

0.5	Feb 05, 2009
	Fixed two bugs:

	- allow en-passant while in check (it is possible that a pawn moves
	  2 squares checking the enemy king, and a legal en-passant move can
	  get out of check).  Thanks Alan Curry.

	- A move b2xa1=Q (promote black pawn by capturing pawn from a1) was
	  interpreted as en-passant and always cleared field a2.

0.4	Aug 03, 2008
	INCOMPATIBLE changes!  I skipped over 0.3 version number for this
	reason.  The new version uses "0x88 board representation", along
	with other changes that should make speed a lot better (for example,
	pieces are bitwise codified in an integer, rather than a character,
	making it a lot cheaper to do various analysis; see the

	Bugs fixed:

	- supports "O-O-O+" and "O-O+" (rarely seen, but it can happen to
	  check from a castling move).

	- now catches illegal moves where FROM is specified (i.e. "a2e4"
	  from the starting position) -- thanks Ken Takusagawa for the

0.2	Apr 26, 2008
	Fixed a nasty bug that caused "e8g8" to be always misinterpreted as
	a O-O, even when another piece than the K was moved

0.1	Apr 04, 2008
	First public release.