Revision history for Crypt::DH

0.07  2012.06.06
    - Made Math::BigInt::* dependency dynamic to avoid Math::BigInt falling
      back to BigInt backends that are too slow for practical use.

0.06  2005.06.10
    - Fixed compute_key/compute_secret to accept a Math::Pari object, so that
      it's backwards-compatible with e.g. Net::SSH::Perl.
    - Added _any2bigint and tests for same.

0.05  2005.06.06 (bradfitz)
    - use makerandom_itv w/ proper range for priv_key (thanks to Paul
    - make _makerandom_itv wrapper around _makerandom to behave similarly
      when Crypt::Random is not available

0.04  2005.06.06 (bradfitz)
    - Ported to Math::BigInt (which can use PARI,GMP,etc)
    - Don't depend on Crypt::Random, just use it if already loaded
    - renamed compute_key to compute_secret (kept old name)
    - updated POD docs
    - made sane and test everything realistically; moved into t/
    - Updated Makefile.PL to use Module::Install

0.03  2002.01.20
    - Added patch from Kurt D. Starsinic to enable setting the
      private key, rather than always having it generated.
    - Removed unnecessary mp2bin function.

0.02  2001.04.24
    - Fixed broken test program (still need more tests).

0.01  2001.03.22
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19