Revision history for Perl extension Mail::Sendmail.

Thanks a lot to the many people who helped between versions with
suggestions or reporting bugs. I can't any more keep track of all
the people who send me usefull comments, but I do read them and
thank everybody!

       - experimental SMTP AUTH support (LOGIN PLAIN CRAM-MD5 DIGEST-MD5)
       - Fix bug where one refused RCPT TO: would abort everything 
       - send EHLO, and parse response (for later AUTH implementation)
       - better handling of multi-line responses, and better error-messages
       - Also normalize line endings in headers
       - Now keeps the Sender header if it was used. Previous versions
         only used it for the MAIL FROM: command and deleted it.
       - No space between "MAIL FROM:" or "RCPT TO:" and address.

0.79   same as 0.78_6

0.78_6 06.02.2003
       - Remove old configuration variables from version 0.74.
       - document $mail{Sender}
       - add seconds to Date header (some buggy mailers freak out if
         the time has no seconds)
       - added "/" (\x2F) as a valid character in mailbox part.
       - minor documentation updates

0.78_5 24.08.2002
       - Adapt reference to mail headers in module to new case convention
         (bug introduced in 0.78_2).
       - ppd and PPM install changes...

         no change in module, only in PPM distribution

0.78_3 11.08.2002
       - support multi-line responses
       - define local $\ and $_ in &sendmail to protect us from outside
         settings (is this really needed?)
       - delete $mail{Sender} used for envelope sender, but not needed as
       - internal rewrite using subs to send and receive on socket

0.78_2 11.08.2002
       - fix old bug with dot as 76th char disappearing.
       - correct very old bug where port number was not extracted from
         stuff like 'my.server:2525'.
       - fix time_to_date bug with negative half-hour zones (only Newfoundland?)
       - use Sys::Hostname to get the hostname for HELO. (I think it has
         been part of the standard distribution for many years now)
       - support different envelope sender through $mail{Sender}
       - Change case of headers: first character after "-" also uppercased
         now, so people who believe this is required because Outlook does it
         this way stop complaining. :-)
       - Enable full session output for debugging
       - Do not copy the mail message again to a different variable.
       - Minor documentation changes.

0.78  25.09.2000
      - Now accepts single-letter host/domain names in addresses. They were
        previously rejected, due to my misunderstanding of an RFC.
      - Removed from the default servers. That server is
        not an open relay any more. This leaves only 'localhost' in the
        servers list.
0.77  28.03.99
      - If connection to 1st server failed, the others failed too, but
        only with certain Perl-version/OS combinations !?!.
        Fixed (hopefuly).
0.76  27.03.99
      - fixed bug which prevented trying other servers in list if
        connection to first failed.
      - fixed reporting of server in log.
0.75  27.03.99
      - you can now send attachments, html mail etc... your headers will
        be left alone.
      - can use a list of possible SMTP servers instead of a single one.
      - all configuration now grouped in a %mailcfg hash.
      - removes possible extra line-endings in headers.
      - e-mail address regex changes:
        . now accepts user@[]
        . now refuses commas (they are only valid in quoted strings
          which $address_rx does not support). Comma separated
          recipients lists now work even with no space after the comma.
      - if you used an X-mailer header, the Mail::Sendmail vwersion was
        appended. It isn't any more.
      - removed unnecessary BEGIN{} block.
      - no more warnings on empty Subject.
      - lots's of cleaning up in the code.
0.74  Fri Jul 31 14:50:54 1998
      - Fixed $/ problem: mailing would hang if caller had redefined
        the record separator. It's now locally set to "\015\012". 
      - corrected reading of %mail hash passed to sendmail: it would
        abort on a false value (the trap is clearly mentionned in the
        perl docs: shame on me!)
      - added configurable retries when failure to connect to server 
      - much more error checking
      - more warnings to STDERR, but only if running with -w flag.
      - changed $address_rx, so it accepts user@hostname, not only, and also accepts weird but legal characters
      - Message body is now all of Message, Body and Text instead
        of the first not empty one (if you don't mind the final
        message being in random order, you can now be really sloppy
        when filling in the message from your script!).
      - use strict.
      - Added Makefile.PL.
      - updated doc

0.73: - Line endings changed again to be Mac compatible at last.
      - Automatic time zone detection.
      - Support for SMTP Port change for single messages.
      - Always default to quoted-printable encoding if possible.
      - Added $Mail::Sendmail::default_sender.
0.72: - Fixed line endings in Body to "\r\n".
      - MIME quoted-printable encoding is now automatic if needed.
      - Test script can now run unattended.

0.71: - Fixed Time Zone bug with AS port.
      - Added half-hour Time Zone support.
      - Repackaged with \n line endings instead of \r\n.