# random thoughts about what to do next.
# suggestions welcome


- Also MIME-encode headers if they contain accented characters
  Make it configurable?

- Document AUTH

- Also accept hashrefs in place of hashes

- Update web site
. check with no wanted AUTH method specified

- Also accept MIME::Lite objects? YES! It should be easy, except maybe if mail was built with filehandles?

. Is use vars in sub OK ? And with mod_perl?

. option for stricter email address checker

. problems on Win32 with Perl 5.8.0 and CygWin? (see emails)

- Check on older Perl 

- cleanup and widely test SMTP AUTH support

- Check with mod_perl

- During Makefile.PL, try to find a local SMTP server and the user's e-mail
address, and offer to pre-configure these as defaults in Sendmail.pm. And
let the user enter defaults to override automatic detection.

- Document $address_rx: which addresses it finds OK, and which not.

- Add example scripts for CGI forms

- Create sourceforge site and mailing list

- Does the test say OK if no mail could be sent? check and fix

Have make dist generate README and html ?

Add install.ppm for PPM installs?

Use 8BITMIME if available from server?

Encode only if accented chars really present?

Rename to Mail::Simple?

This is not on my todo list anymore, because it looks like nobody is using Perl on Amiga:

- Setup Perl on an Amiga and see if it runs. (it should)
(but if someone tries it, I would appreciate knowing about it)