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Changes for version 1.4000

  • New Features
    • Changed the verbosity level of -q to be actually *so* useful and recommended now
    • Added a new option --no-man-pages to skip man page generation and installation
    • Added new --scandeps and --format option that scans module dependency tree before actually installing a module
    • Support Bundle:: modules
    • Added new --save-dists option
    • See below changes between 1.30_02 and 1.30_13 for more improvements and bug fixes.

Changes for version 1.30_13

  • Fix for the use of Module::CoreList for perl with versions ending in 0, such as 5.13.10.
  • Do not attempt to upgrade Module::Build if you have the version that comes with perl

Changes for version 1.30_12

  • Support Bundle:: modules #81
  • Fixed a bug where META.yml is being fetched for no reason. This reduces the HTTP GET calls a lot and should speed up the build process
  • Falls back to search.cpan.org/meta service when (and only when) META.yml is not included or unparsable. Now it can handle distributions like AnyEvent::HTTP or ancient packages better.
  • Fixed a bug where nmake is doubly quoted on Win32 (charsbar) #76
  • Makes the wget/curl execution safer (J. Nick Koston)
  • Support archives where tar list begins with ./ like Image::Magick (Reported by doy) #80

Changes for version 1.30_11

  • Fix SIGNATURE testing for Module::Build 0.38 or later
  • Implemented EXPERIMENTAL --scandeps command and --format option
  • Implemented EXPERIMENTAL --save-tarballs option
  • Show (undef) in the version output instead of ()

Changes for version 1.30_10

  • Changed how it special cases Module::Build load path in -L mode. It's much more reliable and support 0.38 with the new CPAN::Meta dependencies

Changes for version 1.30_09

  • Changed the verbosity level of -q|--quiet so that it prints only necessary information (instead of nothing, which is not really useful)
  • Shows the number of distribution in the end of the session

Changes for version 1.30_08

  • Renamed the option to --man-pages and --no-man-pages

Changes for version 1.30_07

  • Disable the man page generation by default only if -L is in use. (suggested by rjbs)

Changes for version 1.30_06

  • Skip the man page generation by default. You can enable it with --pod2man

Changes for version 1.30_05

  • Fixed the way it reduces @INC in the tests when -L is in use, so the tests that call $^X with -I can keep those library paths. i.e. Test::More

Changes for version 1.30_04

  • Support minor case where blib/* is manually added via -I (e.g. FCGI.pm)

Changes for version 1.30_03

  • Fixed a bug the modules are not loaded from blib in test_harness with -L

Changes for version 1.30_02

  • Fixed a bug where tests are loading modules from your site_perl even when -L is used


get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN


get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN