See for the latest development.

1.7016  2014-11-16 11:46:32 PST
   [New Features]
      - Added -M and --from to set --mirror and --mirror-only at the same time while
        overriding previously set mirrors (sri) #175, #417

      - is now available under HTTPS (marcus)

1.7015  2014-11-14 13:14:07 PST
      - Bump Parse::PMFile to 0.29
      - Bump CPAN::Meta::Requirements to 2.129

1.7014  2014-10-07 20:52:58 PDT
      - Bump Parse::PMFile to 0.28

1.7013  2014-10-06 23:52:14 PDT
      - Update bundled JSON::PP to fix issues with JSON parsing on older perl 5.8

1.7012  2014-09-26 19:28:25 PDT
      - Upgrade CPAN::Meta and HTTP::Tiny in fatpack
      - Skip @INC on dev directory when running from git checkout when to search
        for an installed module

1.7011  2014-09-22 15:08:22 JST
      - Same as 1.7010. Make it a non-trial release.

1.7010  2014-09-17 18:27:53 JST
      - Use Parse::PMFile rather than our own fork (charsbar) #409

1.7009  2014-09-10 01:43:45 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix fatpacked executable to include Parse::CPAN::Meta

1.7008  2014-09-10 01:19:04 PDT
      - Show **** instead of *password* when masking passwords
      - Internal code refactoring

1.7007  2014-09-09 09:25:46 PDT
      - Make sure MetaCPAN search looks up the dist by right author #405
      - Ignore Module::Build artifacts in _build when indexing modules metadata

1.7006  2014-09-05 15:44:15 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Work around MetaCPAN bugs in numifying dev release versions (#367, #377)
      - Bump bootstrapping MakeMaker version recent enough to support MYMETA

   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Removed undocumented --metacpan option that was only for testing purposes

1.7005  2014-09-05 05:04:06 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Do not index common directories such as t, xt or inc in install.json
      - Support tarball extraction on HP-UX 11 (Brian Wightman)

      - Update Parse::PMFile to 0.19 equivalent (charsbar)
      - Fixed various documentation (syohex, Graham Ollis)
      - Mask passwords when failing to download a module (andyjones)
      - Don't find directories when searching for executables (haarg)
      - Only assume Module::Build configure prereq when there's no config prereq (haarg)
      - Upgrade fatpacked modules to the latest

1.7004  2014-04-27 18:22:11 CEST
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Downgrade Parse::CPAN::Meta as well #373

1.7003  2014-04-27 17:11:14 CEST
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Downgrade CPAN::Meta (moznion) #372

1.7002  2014-04-27 07:45:53 CEST
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Bump fatpacked local::lib #364
      - Fix a bug where build.log files are not properly renamed on the first run on Win32 (haarg) #368

1.7001  2013-09-08 13:11:16 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix bootstrap with perl 5.8 and MakeMaker/Module::Build (haarg) #311

1.7000  2013-09-04 15:01:34 PDT
      - Same as 1.6943. Some of the major changes between 1.61 are:
      - Add --uninstall/-U command
      - Support installing recommends/suggests/develop dependencies
      - Support features selection with --with-feature, --without-feature etc.
      - Support passing arguments to configure, build, test and install with --configure-args etc.
      - Add experimental --cpanfile option
      - Add experimental --pp option
      - Now much safer to run multiple instances of cpanm
      - Improved local::lib support
      - Improved MetaCPAN query
      - Improved version extraction for install metadata (for Carton)
      - Completely eliminated dependency on

1.6943  2013-09-03 16:39:27 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Localize PERL_MB_OPT for --pureperl-only since it leaks out in build/test/install process
        (Thanks to doyster and leont)

1.6942  2013-08-27 11:10:40 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed the date sort for developer releases with MetaCPAN #308

1.6941  2013-08-20 11:32:09 PDT
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - -v/--verbose doesn't imply --interactive anymore. It was added as a backward compatibility
        when --interactive was added, but i think it now does more harm than good. [RT#70041]

1.6940  2013-08-08 12:35:36 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Support extracting packages from dists without MANIFEST

1.6939  2013-08-06 02:55:08 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix extracting version from Parse::RecDescent (lestrrat)

1.6938  2013-08-05 23:11:16 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix extracting version from modules with qv(). #299 (lestrrat)

1.6937  2013-08-05 18:54:31 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix a bug where version is not correctly scanned for VERSIONs using (lestrrat)

      - Gives a warning when local::lib directory contains spaces in its name, since it will
        likely cause issues with local::lib and MakeMaker #298
      - Upgrade bundled CPAN::Meta, CPAN::Meta::Check, local::lib and Module::CPANfile

1.6936  2013-08-04 21:37:32 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Create correct install info for dists with ancient META.yml (tokuhirom)
      - Extract packages based on the sorted filenames order to eliminate randomness

1.6935  2013-07-31 11:36:03 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix install meta information where it populates empty key for the dist name
      - Collect packages from .pm.PL like PAUSE (using Parse::PMFile)
      - Don't display () in error messages when version is not specified

      - Display git cloning errors even under -q

1.6934  2013-07-26 16:16:57 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix install failure when non-array version of no_index is used in META.yml #294

1.6933  2013-07-25 09:57:38 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - inline CPAN::Version since it wasn't core on older perls #293

      - Use MANIFEST to find files to scan packages for rather than finding them

1.6932  2013-07-24 15:28:05 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Stop scanning .pm files for root installdeps target (e.g. carton apps)

1.6931  2013-07-24 14:50:59 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Use (patched) Parse::PMFile to parse packages and versions from current directory
        rather than Module::Metadata from blib.
      - Fixes a bug where install.json has bogus file path in provides
      - Honor no_index metadata when scanning provides from .pm files
      - no_index since fatpacks bunch of external modules

1.6930  2013-07-24 13:46:10 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed being stripped, causing issues with Metadata inspection
      - Bumped Module::CPANfile

1.6929  2013-07-24 11:45:48 PDT
   [New Features]
      - Include App/cpanminus/ which is exactly the same content as cpanm.
        This allows both calling .pm as a script or reading the content to call with Scriptlet,
        which would also make fatpacking cpanm (in another program!) easier.
      - Removed the Share dir feature added in 1.6928 in favor of fatscript

1.6928  2013-07-23 14:10:20 PDT
   [New Features]
      - Installs cpanm executable to share dir for App-cpanminus, so that other applications
        can run the specific version of cpanm without relying on user's $PATH or shebang

1.6927  2013-07-23 00:44:53 PDT
   [New Features]
      - Add experimental --cpanfile option to specify alternate cpanfile location

1.6926  2013-07-20 09:02:39 PDT
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Log messages are printed to STDOUT rather than STDERR, except errors.
      - --scandeps are now deprecated. Only in the documentation for now.

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixes a bug in printing "Expiring directories"

1.6925  2013-07-19 22:07:21 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Ignore leading/trailing spaces in PERL_CPANM_OPT #288 (ribasushi)
      - Stop checking dependencies with --scandeps mode #286 (tazle)

      - Mask passwords in URI when printing them in terminal and log files #281 (xdg, thaljef)
      - Added link to App::cpanminus::reporter #284 (garu)

   [New Features]
      - Added experimental --cpanmetadb option #279 (xdg)

1.6924  2013-07-16 11:36:56 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Sort MetaCPAN API results based on date (older one wins) to work around the issue
        with Crixa-0.01 (

      - Document --with-develop
      - Document fixes (oalders, garu)
      - Added Perl::Strip for develop deps if you'd like to build fatpacked binary

1.6923  2013-07-03 22:16:04 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Reverted the --skipdeps in PERL_AUTOINSTALL since it breaks default
        dependencies in Module::Install-based distributions

1.6922  2013-06-19 13:55:54 PDT
      - No changes in the code, packaging update so the fatpacked executable on cpanm has
        the right version. #274

1.6921  2013-06-18 03:18:55 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixes install with Module::Build < 0.35, i.e. vanilla perl 5.10.1
        (Thanks to joshk for the report)
      - Fixes install on 5.8 with Module::Build dists without configure_requires #273
        (Thanks to gildegoma for the report)

1.6920  2013-06-14 14:08:44 PDT
      - Handle PERL_LOCAL_LIB_ROOT in case multiple paths are stacked (mst)
      - Remove the fallback where no META files exist. Generate stub using CPAN::Meta

1.6919  2013-06-12 08:32:06 PDT
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Automatically detect local::lib mode when environment variables are already configured
        on the shell. This is to fix the first time run when local::lib is configure but arch
        library path doesn't exist. #263

1.6918  2013-06-10 13:02:06 PDT
      - Fix documentation about --quiet
      - Find the best (non-backpan) match out of MetaCPAN results when there are multiple

1.6917  2013-06-05 10:07:12 JST
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - build.log is now created inside a work directory, then a symlink to the file is
        made in ~/.cpanm. On platforms where symlink is not available (Win32), the build.log
        file is copied from the build directory once the installation has finished. (ilmari)

1.6916  2013-06-04 19:54:36 JST
      - Do not complain upgrading cpanm in local::lib
      - Accept 0-9_ in PAUSE ID (#265)

1.6915  2013-05-15 19:00:56 PDT
      - Skip LWP when HTTPS mirror is specified and SSL driver is not installed (thaljef) #258
      - Fatpack Exporter to fix bootstrapping problems with perl 5.8.1/5.8.2 (tokuhirom)

1.6914  2013-05-12 16:02:28 PDT
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - When you have a 1.01 of module X and CPAN mirror has 1.00, `cpanm X` would not
        overwrite with 1.00, unless you specify `--reinstall`. `cpanm X@1.00` will
        continue installing the version (and ranges) you specify. #257

1.6913  2013-05-09 17:02:43 PDT
      - Fix download URL for 2-letter PAUSE-ID #255
      - Documentation fixes

1.6912  2013-05-06 13:58:33 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - `curl -L | perl - --self-upgrade` should not complain about '-' not in the
        install path (Thanks to jdb)

1.6911  2013-05-04 13:26:17 PDT
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Turn off automatic installation of recommendations by default, for now

1.6910  2013-05-03 00:29:22 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Do not output the "up to date" message when the requested version is higher than
        what's on mirror index #246

1.6909  2013-04-29 01:49:04 PDT
      - Fixed error messages and tests for #237

1.6908  2013-04-26 18:11:38 PDT
      - Stop counting failures upon installing dependencies, rather check if dependencies
        are satisfied once it's done. #237

1.6907  2013-04-26 11:39:00 PDT
      - Make this a non-dev release

1.6906  2013-04-24 23:18:54 PDT
      - Fixed messaging so that downgrading says downgrades (@tsibley) #240
      - Prepend space in pure-perl options so that other args can stay (@gfx) #242
      - Add --skipdeps to PERL_AUTOINSTALL env for old versions of AutoInstall bundled in inc/

1.6905  2013-04-23 20:03:36 PDT
      - Added NONINTERACTIVE_TESTING environment variables when it is not interactive
        per Lancaster Consensus
      - Added --pp, --pureperl command line option to prefer Pure perl build of the distribution
        which supports Lancaster Consensus

1.6904  2013-04-23 19:23:31 PDT
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixes installation failure when perl is in 'recommends' (sjn) #238

1.6903  2013-04-22 09:05:50 CST
   [New Features]
      - EXPERIMENTAL --uninstall/-U command to uninstall modules

1.6902  2013-04-21 09:16:46 CST
      - No changes, maintenance release

1.6901  2013-04-21 08:50:10 CST
      - --self-upgrade dies rather than warns when it's installed via perlbrew etc.
      - Fixed --version output

1.6900  2013-04-15 16:41:31 JST
      - Remove 'cpanm' executable in the root directory from the distribution

1.6193  2013-04-15 16:36:53 JST
      - Changed how to make a release by switching to Milla and dzil

1.6192  Sun Apr 14 17:12:52 JST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Support features with --with-feature

      - Fixed an inconsistency when `cpanm Module@ver` always tries to reinstall
        the module even when you have it already, when --skip-installed is on
      - Display useful info about %ENV, %Config and @INC in cpanm --version

1.6191  Sun Apr 14 12:05:57 JST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Support --configure-args

      - Use String::ShellQuote on non-Win32 systems
      - Strip lib files for cpanm executable as well
      - Support version requirements for 'perl', not just modules

1.6190  Sat Apr 13 20:44:52 JST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Support --with-develop to install develop dependencies
      - Installs 'recommends' dependencies by default, but ignore failures
      - Add --with-suggests to also install 'suggests' dependencies

      - Overhauled Metadata handling using CPAN::Meta's validation
      - Stopped monkey-patching Module::Build to skip man-page generation #130

1.6108  Sat Apr 13 15:29:32 JST 2013
      - Fix the way local::lib options are expanded
      - Support --configure-timeout, --build-timeout and --test-timeout
      - Enable PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT in building as well
      - Fixed the way fatpacked modules are perl-stripped

1.6107  Sat Apr  6 21:17:57 PDT 2013
      - strip perl files in fatlib. Reduces cpanm executable size about 100KB

1.6106  Sat Apr  6 14:18:25 PDT 2013
      - Support git-ssh with @commit (ikasam_a)

1.6105  Thu Apr  4 22:15:44 PDT 2013
      - Better error message when https is not supported with LWP #117

1.6104  Tue Apr  2 18:02:53 PDT 2013
   [New Features]
      - Added --self-contained, it's like --local-lib-contained but without --local-lib (schwern)

1.6103  Sat Mar 30 14:33:07 PDT 2013
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed rare crash with loading order in perl 5.8 (tokuhirom)

1.6102  Wed Mar 27 17:14:18 PDT 2013
      - Added a safe guard check if Module::CoreList loaded is broken/outdated (jdb)
      - Removed the check to see if make executable begins with quotes (jdb, charsbar)
      - Added to load Module::Metadata in post-installation #226

1.6101  Mon Mar 25 13:39:56 PDT 2013
      - Always install direct test dependencies with --installdeps even when
        --notest option is used. This should make Travis CI users happy #222 (hide_o_55)

1.6100  Sun Mar 24 21:09:30 PDT 2013
      - Support 'perl' key in requires (aka The Oslo Consensus) #221 (tokuhirom)
      - Gives warnings when pruning lots of work directories (xdg)

1.6008  Tue Mar 19 09:07:43 PDT 2013
      - Document the link to privacy policy for perl version collection, as well as
        added option --no-report-perl-version to opt out

1.6007  Sun Mar 17 14:26:07 PDT 2013
      - Fixed a warning where temp directory created with git install doesn't actually
        cleanup the temporary directory. (Tim Heaney) #219

1.6006  Wed Mar 13 22:53:44 PDT 2013
      - Fixed --save-dists option when used with non-CPAN distros. They're now
        saved into $dir/vendor. (Dave Rolsky) #216
      - Fixed PAUSE dist path where author ID is only 2 chars (Brian Cassidy) #218

1.6005  Fri Mar  8 11:46:11 PST 2013
      - Fatpack CPAN::Meta to fix bootstrap failure with --installdeps + cpanfile

1.6004  Fri Mar  8 11:30:37 PST 2013
      - Add perl version to User-Agent strings

1.6003  Fri Mar  8 10:57:13 PST 2013
      - Display cpanfile syntax error if any (robario)
      - Fixed failure to install oddly laid out dists without blib (winfinit)

1.6002  Wed Feb 27 12:12:09 PST 2013
      - Support parsing configure dependencies from META.json in spec 2 (kazeburo)

1.6001  Tue Feb 26 16:57:04 PST 2013
      - Enable developer release if a specific version is requested with == or @. #203

1.6000  Tue Feb 26 09:50:57 PST 2013
   [Major Changes since 1.5]
      - Support fixed version search with @version and ~"version range"
      - MetaCPAN and BackPAN search using MetaCPAN API
      - --dev to install developer releases
      - Install via git:// URL (with @branch, tag or commit)
      - Better MYMETA version range and cpanfile support
      - No fallback to, which means you can't install from command names

1.59_13 Mon Feb 25 12:06:44 PST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Support @branch (or commit or tag) in Git URLs so that you can specify a
        commitish to check out before installing from Git repo
      - Search for BackPAN by default when specific version (or range) is requested

      - Detect .zip root directory more reliably (frioux)
      - Fixed pathname of the CPAN distribution given as a URL (xaicron)

1.59_12 Wed Feb 13 18:13:49 PST 2013
      - Switch to metacpan_script for the new MetaCPAN query

1.59_11 Mon Feb 11 14:10:26 PST 2013
      - Support META.json in addition to META.yml for pre-configure requirements
      - Fatpack JSON::PP and CPAN::Meta::YAML properly 

1.59_10 Thu Feb  7 16:27:03 PST 2013
   [New Features]
      - EXPERIMENTAL: added an ability to install from git URL (ikasam_a)

      - Exclude backpan distribution from MetaCPAN query (mo)
      - Add back Module::CPANfile to fatpack, accidentally deleted in a previous release
      - Remove CPAN::Meta from fatpack, because it's unsued yet. This reduces the file
        size of cpanm executable about 30%.

1.59_09 Thu Feb  7 01:55:48 PST 2013
      - Re-enable --metacpan option to prefer MetaCPAN over CPANMetaDB for all queries,
        mostly for testing purpose.
      - Improved MetaCPAN queries in case a release have multiple modules with different
        versions. Also fixed a bug where it tried to extract distribution version as a
        module version in some cases

1.59_08 Wed Feb  6 11:25:45 PST 2013
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Prioritize MetaCPAN when --dev option is enabled, for real

1.59_07 Wed Feb  6 11:08:05 PST 2013
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Disable implicit --skip-satisfied auto conversion with version specification
      - Do not fallback to scraping anymore. This means some of the bogus
        search that doesn't match package name on PAUSE but returns a hit on
        can't be installed anymore. You have to use the right package name for it.
      - Enable MetaCPAN search by default. --metacpan option is deprecated

   [New Features]
      - EXPERIMENTAL: --dev option to enable including developer release for searching
        against MetaCPAN

      - Improve MetaCPAN query to search stable releases, unless developer release is requested

1.59_06 Tue Feb  5 12:36:00 PST 2013
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - --mirror-index option doesn't automatically assume --mirror-only

      - Use versioned MetaCPAN API endpoint (oalders)

1.59_05 Mon Feb  4 11:49:40 PST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Support version ranges in command args and cpanfile queried agsinst MetaCPAN
        with the proper version range query to get the best version that satisfies
        the requirements. Huge thanks to #metacpan guys

1.59_04 Sun Feb  3 09:04:12 PST 2013
      - Make file copy more reliable on Win32 (A.J. Lucas) #180
      - Always send cpanminus User-Agent to the servers no matter which backend is used (curl, wget etc.)

1.59_03 Fri Feb  1 10:42:57 PST 2013
      - Fix issues working with file:// URLs with drive letters on Win32 (A.J. Lucas) #180
      - Fix home directory detection without HOME env on win32 (kmx, Christian Walde) #132
      - Allow comment fields in 02packages file (Jeffrey Thalhammer) #187

1.59_02 Thu Jan 31 19:09:43 PST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Added experimental @ shortcut to mean exact version e.g. cpanm DBI@1.20
      - Support version range with "~", such as cpanm DBI~">= 1.0, < 2.0"
      - Enable metacpan release search when exact version is given (and when mirror-only is not specified)
        i.e. cpanm DBI@1.100 will fetch the exact release based on metacpan

1.59_01 Thu Jan 31 09:54:50 PST 2013
   [New Features]
      - Added a proper support for version range in MYMETA files using CPAN::Meta::Requirements
      - Skip installing modules when found versions from CPAN doesn't satisfy the requirement, rather
        than proceeding as if it is ok. For instance, if a ditribution X requires Y >= 1.1 and Y on
        CPAN (or your CPAN mirror) has 1.0, cpanm will just complain and stop installing it.
      - Better cpanfile end-to-end support
      - Upgraded fatpacked modules to the latest

1.5021 Thu Jan 31 00:42:28 PST 2013
      - Added new --verify option that enables verifying CHECKSUM and SIGNATURE for distributions
        from CPAN/PAUSE

1.5020 Tue Jan 29 10:29:08 PST 2013
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed a bug in --cascade-search that was checking a wrong version from 02packages file (Bryce Baril)
      - Added a workaround for older version of File::Temp bug (kentnl)

1.5019 Sun Dec 23 02:19:45 JST 2012
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixes a bug where --installdeps fail to configure dependencies with cpanfile (hoelzro)

      - Cleaned up unused code
      - Added documentation about --mirror option and local file path

1.5018 Wed Sep 19 14:40:28 JST 2012
      - Check cpanm path upon --self-upgrade to give warnings for perlbrew users

1.5017 Wed Jul 18 08:28:49 PDT 2012
      - Ignore tarballs whose first entry is "./" (doy) #184

1.5016 Tue Jul 17 12:00:57 PDT 2012
      - Added Module/ to the fatlib. This allows bootstrapping dependencies
        with cpanm --installdeps on Heroku etc.

1.5015 Sun Jun 24 15:34:57 PDT 2012
      - Improved Makefile.PL to include bugtracker info (Ben Bullock)
      - Fixed some merge mess with devel

1.5014 Tue Jun 12 18:27:02 PDT 2012
      - Make sure 'f' flag becomes the last for some tar versions (mst, aaronsw)
      - Fixed warnings on perl 5.17+ (rjbs)
      - Fix local::lib error message (berekuk)

1.5013 Sat May 12 06:15:44 EEST 2012
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed --cascade-search to seach for missing modules, which was broken by #150

1.5012 Fri May 11 05:47:56 CEST 2012
      - Change the behavior of --mirror-index so that it won't fallback to CPAN mirrors #150 (thaljef)
      - Support v-strings in versions specified install []

1.5011 Thu Apr 12 18:57:06 JST 2012
      - Point default mirror to #148

1.5010 Sat Mar 31 12:59:52 CEST 2012
   [New Feature]
      - Implemented --test-only option #40

1.5009 Fri Mar 30 18:44:12 CEST 2012
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed a bug where URL containing ~ (childe) fails to install #134
      - Fixed a bug where install.json contains bogus data when you specify dist paths

1.5008 Sat Mar 17 18:19:57 PDT 2012
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fied a bug where `cpanm Foo` doesn't properly activate local::lib during installs
        when you don't have write permissions #143 (goodel, ash)
      - Improved the warning message when you don't have write permisisons #145 (ash)

1.5007 Tue Dec 20 10:15:48 PST 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed to change directory when installing from multiple local directories (motemen)

      - Stop setting AUTOMATED_TESTING (again!) and set PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT in testing (#138)
      - Offer opening the build.log with PAGER when --prompt is enabled (doy)
      - Documentation added for --skip-installed option (AlexBio)

1.5006 Tue Nov 29 11:47:15 PST 2011
      - Updated cpanmetadb URL to point to

1.5005 Tue Nov 22 13:29:27 PST 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed a bug where copying meta JSON files fail on Win32 (#133, #135)

1.5004 Tue Nov  8 14:28:20 PST 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Include version of the main module instead of distribution version in install.json (pfig)

1.5003 Wed Oct 19 16:29:29 JST 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Use ExtUtils::Install to install meta files and let --sudo run it with sudo #124

1.5002 Tue Oct 18 09:06:17 JST 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Make sure to include non-core perl modules in -L that are installed in 'perl' by mistake
      - Ensure all module names use :: instead of dashes because of EUMM NAME errors (Christian Walde)

1.5001 Fri Oct 14 00:18:33 JST 2011
   [New Features]
      - Added EXPERIMENTAL --metacpan support (tokuhirom)

      - Do not scan Makefile if MYMETA.yml is found
      - Support MYMETA.json with spec 2.0

1.5000 Thu Oct 13 15:31:13 JST 2011
   [New Features]
      - Added EXPERIMENTAL --mirror-index, --skip-satisfied and --cascade-search options
      - Installs MYMETA.json and install.json into $ARCH/.meta library path

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Use Cwd::chdir to update CWD environment variable
      - Fix ExtUtils::ParseXS issue with -L
      - Fix CoreList bootstrap issue with perl < 5.8.9 when using -L
      - Dump more descriptive error message when configure failed with --installdeps #111

      - Upgraded many fatlib embedded modules
      - Support --no-quiet
      - Removed ugly @INC dumping hack for -L. This causes modules that has conditional
        deps such as Any::Moose not to pull down necessary requirements. This is a known
        issue and will be addressed later.
      - Support special _ for -l and -L argument to respect local::lib defaults #115

1.49_02 Wed Oct 12 18:53:35 JST 2011
      - Use Cwd::chdir to change PWD (yannk)

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Unbreak -L with newer ExtUtils::ParseXS installed

      - Changed the path to save metadata information
      - removed Dist::Metadata use, but instead use Module::Metadata to get provides
      - removed the ugly DumpedINC hack for -L

1.49_01 Sun Jun 26 10:56:51 PDT 2011
      - A couple of experimental new features (documented in 1.5)

1.4008 Wed Jun 15 17:58:28 PDT 2011
      - Added experimental --skip-configure
      - Delay load Module::Build bootstrap so that -L won't auto-intall the latest M::B

1.4007 Tue May 17 10:51:18 PDT 2011
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Remove LWP from Makefile.PL dependencies, since due to the split it brings in many
        dependencies such as HTTP::Daemon and HTTP::Parser (which requires a C compiler).
        HTTP::Tiny is embedded as a last resort anyway, and if Makefile.PL is executed via
        some CPAN client (, CPANPLUS or cpanminus) it means your client is already
        configured to be able to fetch files over HTTP.

1.4006 Mon May 16 10:02:45 PDT 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Proper fix for the -l option installing the same modules

1.4005 Wed May 11 12:05:49 PDT 2011
   [Bug Fixes]
      - -l should now correctly locate installed modules to skip reinstalling. Regression in 1.4004
      - Ignore Module::CoreList loading errors with -L on perl < 5.8.9
      - Fixed --prompt in combination with --quiet RT:66602
      - Fixed a broken Bundle:: module installation

1.4004 Thu Mar 10 10:04:28 PST 2011
   [Incompatible Changes]
      - Fixed the issue where `ssh host cpanm Module` waits on input forever. As a side
        effect of fixing this bug, cpanm reads modules from STDIN only if there's no
        module arguments given. Options such as -L or --scandeps continu to work. #86
        (Reported by dku, Getty and many people)

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed a long standing bug where newer versions of bundled modules such as LWP
        could be loaded when combined with -L or -l, which causes API incompatiblities.
      - Fixed the use of gunzip (cho45)

1.4003  Wed Mar  9 18:13:21 PST 2011
      - Fixed a weird bug that -L fails to bootstrap Module::Build when an old version
        such as 0.28 is installed 
      - Do not show help if it reads args from STDIN and nothing is supplied
      - Stripped down the `cpanm` executable size for 20% by stripping POD for fatpacked
        dependencies :)

1.4002  Tue Mar  8 17:47:51 PST 2011
      - Display configure errors in --scandeps so that configure_requires can be
        manually satisfied (suggested by marcus)

1.4001  Tue Mar  8 10:10:28 PST 2011
      - Fixed a workaround code for META.yml being JSON (reported by leedo)

1.4000  Tue Mar  8 01:00:49 PST 2011
   [New Features]
      - Changed the verbosity level of -q to be actually *so* useful and recommended now
      - Added a new option --no-man-pages to skip man page generation and installation
      - Added new --scandeps and --format option that scans module dependency tree before
        actually installing a module
      - Support Bundle:: modules
      - Added new --save-dists option

   See below changes between 1.30_02 and 1.30_13 for more improvements and bug fixes.

1.30_13  Mon Mar  7 10:42:01 PST 2011
   - Fix for the use of Module::CoreList for perl with versions ending in 0, such as 5.13.10.
   - Do not attempt to upgrade Module::Build if you have the version that comes with perl

1.30_12  Sun Mar  6 18:54:41 PST 2011
   - Support Bundle:: modules #81
   - Fixed a bug where META.yml is being fetched for no reason. This reduces the HTTP
     GET calls a lot and should speed up the build process
   - Falls back to service when (and only when) META.yml is not
     included or unparsable. Now it can handle distributions like AnyEvent::HTTP or
     ancient packages better.
   - Fixed a bug where nmake is doubly quoted on Win32 (charsbar) #76
   - Makes the wget/curl execution safer (J. Nick Koston)
   - Support archives where tar list begins with ./ like Image::Magick (Reported by doy) #80

1.30_11  Sun Mar  6 01:34:59 PST 2011
   - Fix SIGNATURE testing for Module::Build 0.38 or later
   - Implemented EXPERIMENTAL --scandeps command and --format option
   - Implemented EXPERIMENTAL --save-tarballs option
   - Show (undef) in the version output instead of ()

1.30_10  Sat Mar  5 14:55:16 PST 2011
   - Changed how it special cases Module::Build load path in -L mode. It's much more
     reliable and support 0.38 with the new CPAN::Meta dependencies

1.30_09  Fri Mar  4 18:15:40 PST 2011
   - Changed the verbosity level of -q|--quiet so that it prints only necessary
     information (instead of nothing, which is not really useful)
   - Shows the number of distribution in the end of the session

1.30_08  Fri Mar  4 16:04:29 PST 2011
   - Renamed the option to --man-pages and --no-man-pages

1.30_07  Fri Mar  4 15:19:44 PST 2011
   - Disable the man page generation by default only if -L is in use. (suggested by rjbs)

1.30_06  Fri Mar  4 14:55:35 PST 2011
   - Skip the man page generation by default. You can enable it with --pod2man

1.30_05  Fri Mar  4 01:36:28 PST 2011
   - Fixed the way it reduces @INC in the tests when -L is in use, so the tests
     that call $^X with -I can keep those library paths. i.e. Test::More

1.30_04  Fri Mar  4 00:46:24 PST 2011
   - Support minor case where blib/* is manually added via -I (e.g.

1.30_03  Fri Mar  4 00:30:39 PST 2011
   - Fixed a bug the modules are not loaded from blib in test_harness with -L

1.30_02  Thu Mar  3 19:53:30 PST 2011
   - Fixed a bug where tests are loading modules from your site_perl even when -L is used

1.3001   Thu Mar  3 18:33:56 PST 2011
   - Documentation overhaul
   - Fixed a bug -L will install non-core modules again and again for each run

1.3000   Wed Mar  2 14:39:44 PST 2011
   - No changes since the last beta

1.29_02  Tue Mar  1 16:06:20 PST 2011
   - Improved the dependencies detection when -L is in use so the core modules that have been upgraded
     inside can be correctly be detected, using Module::CoreList.
   - Added a crazy hack to support Build.PL configure dependencies > 0.36 when -L is in effect

1.29_01  Mon Feb 28 18:57:27 PST 2011
   - Disable --uninstall-shadows by default for perl >= 5.12

1.2001  Wed Feb 16 10:54:21 PST 2011
   - This be official 1.2
   - Skips tests during the bootstrap, making a much better first time experience

1.19_02 Tue Jan 18 14:11:23 PST 2011
   - Module::Metadata now requires 0.87. This makes cpanm unable to boostrap when is
     older than that. For now, include the pure perl version/ and in the fatlib and then
     fatpacked in cpanm executable #78

1.19_01 Tue Jan 18 12:48:47 PST 2011
   - Upgraded bundled modules, notably Module::Metadata and local::lib
   - Switched the pure perl fallback to HTTP::Tiny

1.1007  Tue Jan 18 09:39:05 PST 2011
   - Fixed installation documents
   - Added PERL_CPANM_NO_AUTOMATED_TESTING to unset AUTOMATED_TESTING to find which modules break (mst)

1.1006  Thu Dec 16 11:27:29 PST 2010
   - Fixed docs to use curl instead of wget because of its cert bug
   - Fixed the usage of local() where PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNING was leaking (dg) #75

1.1005  Tue Dec 14 15:07:31 PST 2010
   - Accept Foo/Bar/ style invocation in args (requested by larryl and many others)

1.1004  Tue Nov 30 10:03:01 PST 2010
   - Fixed a bug where uncompressed and compressed index timestamps are out of sync which causes
     issues when the local and mirror server's clocks are out of sync (reported by sukria)

1.1003  Thu Nov 25 01:17:28 PST 2010
   - Fixed a bug where --mirror-only doesn't detect module version updates (reported by sukria)

1.1002  Tue Nov 16 18:27:19 PST 2010
   - Implemented --auto-cleanup and set that to 7 (days) by default

1.1001  Fri Nov 12 12:37:31 PST 2010
   - Fixed the mirror index scanning code to uncompress on-disk and scan line-by-line
     to be less RAM hoggy (hobbs)
   - Fixed docs

1.1000  Thu Nov 11 23:56:46 PST 2010
   - Added --mirror-only to support minicpan and DarkPAN (jonallen, xdg, tokuhirom)

1.0015  Fri Sep 24 16:51:49 PDT 2010
   - Fixed the output introcuced in the previous release

1.0014  Tue Sep 21 12:42:28 PDT 2010
   - Added "--> Working on ..." output for a better understanding of overall build process

1.0013  Sun Sep 12 12:46:36 PDT 2010
   - Added --no-wget and --no-curl to bootstrap LWP in an environment with old
     versions of wget/curl (rsp)

1.0012  Fri Aug 20 12:46:34 PDT 2010
   - version check with -L and -l was failing with --skip-installed default. Now fixed (reported by leedo) #55
   - Fixed the code to find root of tarballs (perlpilot)

1.0011  Wed Aug 18 16:38:24 PDT 2010
   - -f now implies --reinstall (perigrin)

1.0010  Fri Jul 30 12:54:03 PDT 2010
   - Make --skip-installed as default
   - Revised documentations

1.0006  Fri Jul  2 16:52:06 PDT 2010
   - Use module's version number instead of distribution when to display whether
     this is an upgrade or reinstall (doy) #43

1.0005  Fri Jul  2 16:36:55 PDT 2010
   - Clarified that the minimal perl version supported is 5.8 (chocolateboy)
   - Now being able to look when configure and build fails
   - Automatically disable uninstall_shadows when local::lib is used. This bug was causing
     cpanm to remove modules in @INC with perl 5.10 or older (kazeburo, sugyan)

1.0004  Fri May 14 16:08:23 PDT 2010
   - Do not use Cwd::abs_path if the -l path begins with / (rafl)
   - Skipping perl should now be considered as success, not failure (rafl)
   - Fixed PREREQ_PM scanner for dists that conflict with core functions such as UNIVERSAL::isa (yannk)
   - --look should now imply --no-skip-installed (doy) #45

1.0003  Tue May  4 16:12:53 PDT 2010
   - Worked around win32 fork and stdout dup issue (xaicron, charsbar)

1.0002  Sat May  1 20:49:39 PDT 2010
   - Fixed docs
   - Fallback to the version of the distribution filename when META.yml is not parsable

1.0001  Sat Apr 24 16:20:56 CST 2010
   - Make this 1.0!

0.999_05 Wed Apr 21 20:37:25 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed the timing to make -l and -L an abstract path (ash)

0.999_04 Mon Apr 19 15:21:01 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed installationg from arbitrary URLs or file paths

0.999_03 Wed Apr 14 02:26:28 PDT 2010
      - Fixed a problem when uninstalling shadows fail with an old ExtUtils::Install
        by bootstrapping it to require 1.46

0.999_02 Tue Apr 13 09:08:00 CEST 2010
      - Improved --skip-installed so sub packages version in a distribution can be
        compared correctly
      - --look command is now back, per popular demands

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed broken configure_requires in 0.999_01

0.999_01 Mon Apr 12 12:24:57 CEST 2010
   This is the first release candidate for 1.00

      - Do not support (undocumented) CPANMINUS_* environment variable anymore. Use PERL_CPANM_* instead
      - Plugins are not supported anymore. They will be available as part of a new client!
      - Deleted --look command
      - Deleted --recent command

      - Get metadata from before fetching tarballs, which makes commands like
        --info or --skip-installed much faster. #3, #8, #9
      - Added --mirror option where you can specify the mirror base URL
      - Added --prompt option that asks users to skip, force install, retry or look when test fails #23
      - When one of the dependencies fail to install, cpanm bails out the installation of source dist
        by default. --prompt will ask if you want to install anyway
      - Added a man page for cpanm

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Do not display 'Already tried...' message by default
      - Set non-zero exit code if one or more modules failed to build

0.9934 Sun Apr 11 13:53:07 CEST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Unlink MYMETA.yml after the configuration to avoid failing Module::Signature tests
      - Always run make install UNINST=1. You can disable it with --no-uninst-shadows #26

0.99_33 Sun Apr 11 09:44:16 CEST 2010
      - Delay load Archive::Zip #38 (Tim Bunce)
      - Made wget download more fault torelant #15

   [Bug Fixes]
      - Work around the situation where installsitelib doesn't exist yet #2

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Upgrade local::lib #33
      - Delay local::lib configuration as late as possible #35 (doy) 
      - Redirect tar's stderr (stoned)
      - Shows an error message when CPANM home is not writable #37 (avar)
      - Fixed how to handle duplicated dependencies #6, #32
      - Indicate test failures with --force #22 (rafl)

0.9932 Mon Apr  5 16:27:12 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Special case deprecated modules so they can be upgraded into site lib #34

0.9931 Sun Apr  4 18:16:46 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Doesn't close STDIN anymore when building modules. Instead set AUTOMATED_TESTING #36

0.9930 Tue Mar 30 14:27:49 PDT 2010
      - untar now works with Solaris' stock bad tar (nnunley)

0.9929 Fri Mar 26 21:35:23 PDT 2010
      - Make cpanm work with perl 5.10.0 with old

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Stopped using reval() to parse Makefile or _build/prereqs

0.9928 Thu Mar 25 22:03:36 PDT 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Make PERL_CPANM_OPT=~/perl work again (clkao)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Document --skip-installed

0.9927 Tue Mar 23 11:23:18 PDT 2010
      - Suppress warnings when initializing local::lib directory

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixes -L with local::lib enabled shell

0.99_26 Mon Mar 22 20:22:10 PDT 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed the broken delay loaded LWP runtime in -L
      - Actually changed how -L sets up @INC so that it won't affect the current
        cpanm process at all which is more correct way to deal with this.

0.99_25 Mon Mar 22 19:52:12 PDT 2010
      - Log version information of build tools in build.log
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed the way it passes DumpedINC
      - Fixes tools initialization like LWP with -L
      - Set PID in PERL5_CPAN*_IS_RUNNING rather than just 1

0.99_24 Sun Mar 21 21:57:59 PDT 2010
      - Improve the error message on bootstrapping
      - Implemented experimental -L|--local-lib-contained option to install module
        and its non-core dependencies into local::lib directory

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Use Module::Metadata and avoid calling another perl interpreter
        to check the installed versions of the modules
      - Also dump @INC into a file when self-contained is enabled
      - Set PERL5_CPANM_IS_RUNNING in configure
      - Changed the way to pack modules into a file, now using App::FatPacker

0.9923 Mon Mar 15 17:03:14 PDT 2010
      - Improved docs (chromatic)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Added a dummy test to make CPAN testers happy (gfx)

0.9922 Thu Mar 11 10:56:10 JST 2010
      - Possibly support bad tar (GNU tar 1.13 or 1.22 on Win32) (mattn)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Support building with Module::Build < 0.36
      - Use Safe to eval some code when scanning prereqs

0.9921 Wed Mar 10 23:59:49 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed an occasional STDIN related errors in tests (lestrrat)
      - Fixed a bug where cpanm /path/to/dir doesn't work

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Once bootstrap is done, return to the original current dir rather than work dir
        so that `cpanm .` still looks at the (right) current directory

0.99_20 Wed Mar 10 18:46:45 JST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Prefer Build.PL except some exceptions such as Module::Build dependencies

0.9919 Wed Mar 10 11:39:35 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fixed Module::Build distribution, broken in 0.9917 (rafl)

0.9918 Wed Mar 10 11:19:35 JST 2010
   [Bug Fixes]
      - Fix --sudo broken in 0.9917 (omega)

0.9917 Tue Mar  9 22:51:21 JST 2010
      - Do not wait on input on bad tests waiting on STDIN (except on some Win32 environments)

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Do not uses system() when running Makefile.PL or make etc. but uses fork & exec (tokuhirom)
      - Depend on newer LWP that has decoded_content
      - Do not overwrite verbose internal flag (mst)

0.9916 Thu Mar  4 11:33:16 PST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Use 'distfile' as cpanmetadb key rather than 'dist' (rjbs, xdg)

0.9915 Thu Mar  4 01:56:06 PST 2010
   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed circular references (hopefully)

0.9914 Thu Mar  4 00:39:49 PST 2010
      - Use cpanmetadb for the faster and more reliable lookup

   [Developer Fixes]
      - Fixed ->get on LWP to return undef when the request errored out

0.9913 Tue Mar  2 19:20:34 PST 2010
   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixes --recent and --list-plugins to work again

0.9912 Tue Mar  2 18:50:23 PST 2010
      - Some boolean options can now be set to PERL_CPANM_OPT but can be negated
        using the --no- prefix such as --no-sudo
      - Directory mode now only works if it begins with / or .

   [Developer fixes]
      - --self-upgrade skips if it's already the latest
      - Improved perl Makefile.PL --author 
      - --help and --version won't bother ~/perl5 initialization (rjbs, ingy)
      - LWP dependency is injected only if you run from CPAN clients (ingy, marcus)

0.9911 Mon Mar  1 16:27:52 PST 2010
   [Developer fixes]
      - Removed build_timeout and test_timeout by default (rafl)
   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixed broken --self-upgrade (chocolateboy)

0.9910 Sun Feb 28 21:56:30 PST 2010
      - wget cpanm | perl - should now work better (hachi, dormando)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Always use forward slashes even if it's on win32 (charsbar, xaicron)
      - Check installsitebin (charsbar)
      - Stop setting AUTOMATED_TESTING

0.99_07 Sat Feb 27 21:05:08 PST 2010
      - Bootstrap local::lib directory in ~/perl5 for the first run
      - Bootstrap ExtUtils::MakeMaker, ExtUtils::Install and Module::Build in the first run
      - Support --local-lib|-l option to specify which path to set local::lib dir
      - Added PERL_CPANM_OPT command line option to add global command line options
      - Support curl fallback (squeeky, gfx)
      - Improved the installation success message to indicate it is a new, upgrade
        or reinstall of the distribution
      - Improved the error message in configure failure
      - Fall back to embedded HTTP::Lite when any of LWP/wget/curl is unavailable
      - Support piping module/dist for cpanm command, like `cat module_list | cpanm`
      - Added --skip-installed option which makes cpanm behave like cpan
      - Documented how to upgrade cpanm itself

   [Developer fixes]
      - Remove LWP::Simple and switch to LWP::UserAgent
      - Create a temp file first when to generate standalone executable (gfx)
      - cpanm (without argument) will output a shorten help
      - Changed the NO_LWP env var to --no-lwp option
      - Improved the permission check to also check sitebin directory
      - Added --author option to Makefile.PL to generate cpanm from git repo (gfx)
      - Introduced $depth parameter when installing dependencies. Unused in any places yet

0.99_06 Thu Feb 25 14:50:51 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging and VERSION

0.99_05 Thu Feb 25 14:39:07 PST 2010
   [Developer fixes]
      - Changed the way 'cpanm' standalone script is generated
      - Developers checking out from git should use script/cpanm.PL for test drive

0.99_04 Thu Feb 25 09:11:44 PST 2010
      - Supported modules and packages without POD on
      - --look command now works on Win32 (charsbar, xaicron)
      - Improved the error message when configure fails (tokuhirom)
      - Supported modules with .tgz format archive (frew)
      - Supported older LWP < 5.828 (chocolateboy)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Improved the way it checks configuration results (mst, confound, rjbs, LeoNerd)
      - Killed the automatic Build.PL stub generation because it doesn't work.
      - Support PERL_MB_OPT in the sanity check
      - Adds PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING to work with older Module::AutoInstall < 0.73 (Alias)
      - Changed the way plugins check api_version
      - Rewrote internals for the at_exit hook and removed Util:: functions (vincent, mst, ewhilhelm)

0.99_03 Tue Feb 23 23:03:20 PST 2010
   [Bug fixes]
      - .zip support didn't go through the proper merge process. Now merged

0.99_02 Tue Feb 23 22:13:46 PST 2010
      - Limit the number of --recent to 50

   [Bug fixes]
      - Work around with broken LWP installations (yannk)

   [Developer fixes]
      - Updated cpandb URI (BinGOs)
      - Standardize env var keys to PERL_CPANM_* so `env | grep PERL` can be used (miyagawa, mst)
      - Added ->env method
      - Added PERL_CPANM_NO_LWP=1 so it can upgrade LWP without LWP
      - Move documents to lib/App/

0.99_01 Tue Feb 23 12:31:56 PST 2010
      - Improved the duplicated or circular dependent package detections (gfx, Yappo)
      - Improved the progressive message format
      - Support .zip files (sekimura)
      - Added --look command, like CPAN shell's look
      - Added --recent command that shows you the recent updated modules
      - Added --interactive option, good middleground when installing Task:: modules
      - Added --self-upgrade (NOTE: it will downgrade to the stable if you run from the dev release!)
      - Fixed the installation doc to prefer git over CPAN shell
      - Documented that you need GNU tar >= 1.22
      - Wraps configure and test with alarm timeout to not choke on bad dists (hirose31, yappo, tokuhirom)

   [Bug fixes]
      - Fixed a bug where log appending fails on Win32 (xaicron)
      - Various fixes on win32 (charsbar)
      - Fixed a bug failing on dists with dual Build.PL/Makefile.PL (mst, aperion)
      - Fixed a bug where build/ directory is treated as Module::Build's Build file on HFS

   [Developer fixes]
      - Rewrote the internal using a sane and simple object oriented programming
      - Changed the ~/.cpanm directroy layout - much easier to dig through
      - Rewrote the documentation to be less defensive
      - set AUTOMATED_TESTING when testing a distribution
      - Mentions pip in the doc (chocolateboy, adamk)
      - Support cpan:// URI
      - Added --perl option to specify which perl path to use (mst)
      - Specify minimum versions for ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build and ExtUtils::Install

   [Beta features]
      - Implemented plugin architectures - this is unstable and turned off by default

0.09  Sat Feb 20 23:47:16 PST 2010
      - Fixed the way archives are untared
      - Log file is now always ~/.cpanm/build.log
      - Improve the diag message
      - Made quiet mode the default. Use -v|--verbose to make it chatty like CPAN(PLUS)
      - Added retry for HTTP downloads
      - Fixed the way it generates a stub Build.PL when make is not available

0.08  Sat Feb 20 15:36:53 PST 2010
      - Implemented --installdeps
      - Implemented -q|--quiet that makes you a peaceful install experience
      - Relaxed the defensive docs a little bit since many people love the idea

0.07  Sat Feb 20 12:17:56 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging -- standalone cpanm file now has '/usr/bin/env perl'
        in shebang but CPAN dist has #!perl (so EUMM can fix it)
      - Added -i for cpan compatibility
      - Fixed the way to get VERSION from modules

0.06  Fri Feb 19 21:48:09 PST 2010
      - Fixed the command detection in win32
      - Make C-c work when downloading tar balls
      - perl 5.6 compat (i think)
      - Fixed packaging again

0.05  Fri Feb 19 21:15:20 PST 2010
      - Fixed no warranty copy

0.04  Fri Feb 19 21:01:10 PST 2010
      - Added -v
      - Changed how to get dependencies to be more sensible and #toolchain friendly
        by supporting MYMETA.yml etc.
      - Added NO WARRANTY

0.03  Fri Feb 19 19:38:30 PST 2010
      - Fixed packaging
      - Make local file install work without LWP (hopefully)

0.02  Fri Feb 19 19:13:03 PST 2010
      - arguments to cpanm can now be a directory, file, URI or CPAN tarball name

0.01  Fri Feb 19 18:24:04 PST 2010
      - Initial version to CPAN