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Changes for version 0.99_01

  • Incompatible Changes
    • Rename Standalone servers to HTTP::Server::PSGI
    • Rename Plack::Server adapters to Plack::Handler. These changes should be transparnt since we have a compatible code to work with the older names as well.
    • Dropped sendfile(2) AIO support from Standalone server
    • Plack::Request and Response are now in core, deprecating many methods. Read `perldoc Plack::Request` and its INCOMPATIBILITIES section
  • New Features
    • New middleware: WrapCGI to convert a single CGI script into a PSGI applciation
    • Support psgix.logger and psgix.session in Plack::Request
    • New logger middleware: NullLogger, SimpleLogger, Log4perl and LogDispatch
    • Refactored Loader classes and added a new Shotgun loader (like rack's Shotgun)
    • Added -l option to plackup which specifies the Loader backend
    • New middleware: Refresh reloads modules in %INC in every N seconds
    • Wraps -e code with 'builder { }' by default. You can also use with *.psgi to add middleware components without editing the file!
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Do not call ->canonical in HTTP::Message::PSGI to keep the URI encoded params in Plack::Test tests (rafl, t0m)
    • Fixed a bug in stupid corner case in HTTP::Message::PSGI where passed URI has UTF-8 encoded strings *and* URI escaped UTF-8 bytes. (chmrr)
    • Depend on new HTTP::Request::AsCGI that has better REQUEST_URI
    • Plack::Runner/plackup does not autoload AccessLog in CGI mode anymore
    • Added server_ready hook to PSGI servers so you can disable them in tests etc. (clkao, rafl)
    • Escape user-supplied values in AccessLog to avoid control sequence injection (tokuhirom, kazuho)
    • Support -foo (single dash) style option in Plack::Runner and plackup
    • Relax the runtime.t check since it still fails on low-res time environments
    • Now depends on Digest::MD5, HTTP::Body and Hash::MultiValue
    • Revert the 'require' in load_psgi to do 'do'
    • Delay load unnecessary modules in Plack::Runner
    • Fixed psgi.multiprocess value on HTTP::Server::PSGI
    • PSGI/1.1 support in Lint
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  • plackup - Run PSGI application with Plack servers